Girls of Summer

As the summer winds on we should take a moment and appreciate the beautiful girls who open their legs to show us their pussies on the beach.  Here are some excellent pussies.

Lena has pink-white vagina hole and very deep pink lips.

She also doesn’t mind sand in her pussy it seems.

Aurea, on the other hand, is keeping her lips closed and the sand out of her clean shaved pussy.  That’s probably best for everyone!

You can see that July has big lips while she plays in the surf.  Too bad they aren’t well defined – too much tanning!

Poor Luciana, her pussy is all deflated.  Her clam looks like it was popped and is just hanging all wrinkled around her small thin lips.

We end with the healthy, beautifully full pussy of Milana.  Many of the photos in her shoot highlight her fresh pussy.

No sand in this pussy!

She doesn’t have a big clam but look at the heft of those lips!  Check her smooth perenium and brown anus too.

Melisa’s Wrinkled Clam

Do you like wrinkly clams and big pussy lips?  If you do then you’ll love Melisa’s pussy!

Her lips are very big and pussy yet her clam is small and wrinkly.  She also has a cum dam.  Notice in the picture below how her lips come together above her perineum forming a dam that would keep cum (hers or someone else’s) from dripping down her perineum.

No cum leaving this vagina!

What a huge set of double lips she has!  Notice how her clit hood separates into lips and then there’s another set coming out from underneath that is her real inner vulva.

What a great pussy!

Close Up Amateurs

Its nice to get right close to a pussy to see all the details.  Here are some amateur shots to enjoy.

Here’s a shaved clean small clam.  The lips are thin but medium in length with a good sized clit hood.  Some hair around her anus, so not 100% clean shaved.

Pretty good trim job here.  Her bottom is up by the way so her clam is facing down.  We can’t see her clit since she’s rubbing it, but that’s a classic pink vagina hole.

Now there’s some big lips! Plus a wrinkly clam.

It was worth the wait?! Yes, we can see right into her vagina.  This pussy is trimmed a little, very moist, has small lips, a pink and fairly small vagina hole and I see girlcum deep inside!