Dana D’s Sandy Pussy

Well she doesn’t actually get sand inside her vagina walls (at least not in these samples) but she does get her ass sandy!

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We can see her brown lips poking out from around her clam. Her anus looks brown too.

Here’s a better look at her whole pussy from the rear. Very nicely shaved with medium to big lips. And now from the front:

Her lips hang from her clam nicely in this picture. This is exactly how she would look if she were about to urinate.

Now we can see her lips are big enough to hand down even when she lays sideways. We see her brown anus too. And the best is saved for last:

Look at her pussy’s wetness here. Her lips are opened slightly as she spreads her legs wide and we see she is wet and pink inside. It might be a little white girlcum. Whatever it is her vagina is moist inside. Met-Art members see a lot more of Dana’s great pussy!

Gorgeous Fresh Pussys

Sophia is drop dead beautiful. And so is her pussy!So, she has a little clam. Almost nothing there when she stretches her hips.Oooh, her feet near her pussy. Very nice. Notice her clam can almost keep her pussy lips inside, but not completely. Hold your breath for the picture below.

Wow! A real dripping wet pussy! Look how delicate her little pink lips are. Look how they open up to expose her vagina hole. Her baby pussy lips are only 1/2 the length of the opening to her vagina. Did I mention the wetness dripping out or her vagina? Oh, I did. Well, if this doesn’t convince you that MetArt is an amazing site for beautiful pussys, I don’t know what will. Amazing pussy.

Adriana has a petite brown pussy.

Not a huge jump from a little pink pussy, we just changed the color! Notice her brown lips are stuck together and looks like there’s girlcum or some wetness holding them together like glue.She has a really brown clam and brown lips. ‘Exotic’ to some, but she’s just a regular latina beauty with a nice shaved pussy. Again, thank you Met Art! We love your ladies!

Viva’s Wet Pussy

Viva has a great pussy. She’s a MetArt girl, what else would you expect?
Notice the girlcum near the bottom of her anus, right above her perineum. She has thin lips that are pink.

Here’s a closeup of her pussy. Her lips naturally open when she spreads her legs wide. Check out her anus and the hair around it.

An even closer shot of her delicate pussy lips and the opening to her vagina. So beautiful!

Here we can see that even though her lips are small, her clam is also small and cannot completely cover up her pussy lips when her legs are closed. Nice little perineum too.

Here’s a great shot of her anus. It is a little hairy and the skin is brown. It looks wet. I imagine she lubricated her pussy and all the skin around it for this photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy looking at her pussy as much as I do! -PT

Tender Pussys

These are some delicious looking pussys.

Before we get to the models, have you seen Dee’s gorgeous pussy yet? Let’s start with a delicious picture of her wet pussy.

Look at her deflated clam and perineum lip. Notice how moist and smooth her lips are. Who wouldn’t want their mouth on that?! Maybe if we are nice she will send in more beautiful pussy pictures.

Now, from MPL Studios we have a very tender pussy from Sarah:

Or Maya’s pussy with the dark brown tips on her pussy lips.

Maybe the most tender is Alisa’s pussy:

Look at how soft and moist her vagina hole is when she spreads it. Notice how white her vagina hole is.

Her pussy is begging to be eaten!

Girl Next Door Pussy

Who doesn’t love a girl next door pussy? Plus, we seem to have fixed the picture upload problem for our pussy fans. So please amateurs, post your pussys now! And before you ask, yes, were working on the GIANT PUSSY picture issue (but I’m sure you don’t mind it a huge pussy in your face for the time being ;)

Keep coming back, we’re right here working to bring you sweet pussy. Now, just some good old next door girls and their pussys.

Tied up and presenting her pussy holes. Which to choose. Hmmm…

Now a voluptuous girl shows her perfectly shaved and totally closed clam. Then she sticks a marker up her anus!

Now for a gorgeous girl next door showing off her pussy like she was a model. Look at the coloring on her pussy and anus. Look at her spreading her legs and presenting her pussy holes for us!

Here comes the vibrator! Notice how pink her pussy hole is


Finally we’ve got Brooke’s pussy. She seems to like fingering her vagina and anus together. You know this girl. She goes to church, says all the right things, is waiting to get married, and masturbates till she cums every night – religiously!

Don’t you just love how creamy and natural her pussy hole is? How the color of her clam is dark, her lips are darker yet, and then the inside of her vagina hole is a creamy pink white. What a great pussy she has! She’s open and ready for anything!