Zucchini -> Pussy -> Anus

How much fun can you have with a zucchini?  This girl is going to show you!

Nice heart, nice trimmed pussy, nice little clam.

Spread from behind we see her small lips and anus are all the same skin color as the rest of her.

In goes the zucchini in her vagina – kissed by her pussy lips.

Now inter her anus as she bends over.

A crouching position with the veggie in her anus.  We can see her lips are pretty thin.

Nice use of a vegetable for a vagina and anus dildo!

Eufrat on Bed and Floor

Two sample galleries of Eufrat’s pussy from Errotica-Archives. The first is of her on the bed. Shaved clean and looking like a small pussy here.

Her anus is darker than the rest of her pussy and her lips are fairly small.  Her clam almost closes around her lips from when she isn’t spreading, like in this bottom up shot. See just the sliver of her lips?

She’s got a smooth perineum and a little mole on the bottom left clam.  It also looks like her lips are more brown then her clam.

No doubt her lips are brown or have brown tips.

Her pussy is trimmed with a happy trail in these shots. It’s obvious she has thin lips and a long clit hood.  But where did her mole go?

Finally we can see INTO her vagina! It is pink inside.  Look real close and you can see her clit just peeking out from under its hood.  Still no mole?

There’s her more!  Come on, if you’re going to airbrush, at least be consistent!!

See more of her pussy in  her sample shoot on the floor and Join Errotica-Archives while you’re there, you’ll be happy you did.