Miss Amber’s Pussy and Smile

You may have seen Miss Amber’s pussy from her comment posts.  She was kind enough, and bold enough to send in a whole set of gorgeous poses. Here are a lot of fantastic pictures of her and her pussy. Let’s check her out!

Beautiful smile. Already she’s teasing.

That’s can’t be too comfortable Amber, get that underwear out from between your pussy lips!

Here is a good rear shot. We can see she is shaved clean.

Here’s a closer rear shot. There’s a lot going on here! First, her anus is open a little so we can see in just a bit. inside her anus hole it is bright pink to red – not surprising Miss Amber. Her tampon string says a lot about this fine woman’s pussy. Furst we know she is having a period – a time when most girls are especially self conscious about their pussy.

And now she’s spreading her butt cheeks apart for us! If you zoom in on her anus you can see it is almost completely shaved clean. I’m not sure if Miss Amber puts anything into her anus, like her fingers or a dildo, but these pictures show it is a very fine one.  We can also see between her pussy lips into a very wet vagina hole that has her tampon inside.

A front shot shoes small pussy lips. Her lips are tiny and delicate and surrounded by a bigger clam. All of her pussy is pink.

Another rear shot with a spread wide anus and cum dripping from her pussy! Someone just got reaaaaly lucky. This picture shows just how puffy her clam can be and how delicate and thin her lips are. Clearly she just had sex so her pussy is about as big in this picture as it will get. Notice how she glistens all around her pussy and anus.

Finally standing up and letting that cum fall out.

Miss Amber, your pussy is stunning! Thank you for sending us your pictures. I hope others will comment about your pussy too.