Femme Pussy x2

Ahhh, FEMJOY. What nice pussys you have!

Small clam, small lips, small pussy, and just a little landing strip of hair!

Look at the brown skin extending from her clam to her anus. A brown set of perineum lips. The skin around her anus is a nice toasty brown.

Here’s the package around this stunning pussy. See more of her!

Oh Maria! I love how red you are.

Red lips, medium clam.

She is a beautifully filled out girl – no scrawny bones here!

Just beautiful pussy! See more of her here.

Apologies to our Pussy Fans

Oh Anonymous, when you’re right you’re right! We’ve had trouble getting our picture upload plugin working – but we have a plan B. Also, we’re dedicated to posting more pussys. Good things cum to those who wait.

Tanya is a good way to bring things back into perspective, don’t you think?

Her anus is brown around the edges. Thin lips and not very puffy of a clam.

Spreading her legs her lips open up to show her pink vagina hole.

I love how her pussy is not obstructed by her legs.

See what I mean? See how accessible her pussy is?

If you don’t believe we mean what we say, how about Elle’s creamy pussy?

Where’s the cream? Well, framing her pussy with her feet isn’t bad, huh?

Here’s a real girl’s pussy! Stubble and all. She’s got more for you. See her pussy, and please come back!

Polls Point to Younger Pussy! – Welcome Ilona and her fresh pussy

So far about 40% of people responding to our pussy poll say they’d like to see more younger pussy. While we are very clear that pussy under 18 is illegal and wrong, there is nothing wrong with women 18 and over modeling their pussy for us to enjoy.

Ilona has a soft body and pussy to match. MET-ART members get to see a lot more of Ilona.

She looks young, but she’s a proper age model. It takes a professional to shave a pussy that clean!

Is it something about the idea of really tight holes that is attractive about younger pussys? Notice Ilona has fairly large pussy lips for her weight. The shot above is the best one of her anus. It looks inviting, but not really that ‘tight’.

Finally a shot of her lips hanging down from her small clam.

2 more younger pussys will follow in coming days.

Nobody Poses a Pussy Like FemJoy

FemJoy is a real, well, Joy! The photographers really know how to highlight a girl’s pussy. If you aren’t a member, join and you will get more pussy pictures in greater detail.  Here’s a sample from some shoots.  Enjoy!

Danica has two shoots highlighted here(1st & 2nd).  She is drop dead gorgeous and her pussy is a work of art!

From her first shoot, there’s something sexy about this pose. We can see her small clam and small lips peeking out under her dress.

Dirty feet! Danica, your feet are the same color as the skin around your anus! Brown. What a great spread pussy in this picture.

And even closer. Her clam is not quite big enough to cover her lips even though her lips are small.

Here’s some pictures from her shoot with a violin. Nice pussy Danica!





Now for Verona’s pussy from FemJoy. What a pose!

She’s not shy about spreading her pussy apart for us. Look how pink her pussy is.

She has a round little anus and small clam.

Here’s a really close picture. We see just a little of brown skin near the tip of her lips. Inside she is super pink.

Finally, Edessa bends in ways that show off her pussy and only FemJoy could make it look so good.

Small clam and brown lips.

Spreading like this takes a lot of flexibility. There is a lot more of Edessa to see.

See Edessa’s pussy up close at FemJoy.

Nastya, not Nasty

Nastya’s pussy is like a girl’s next door.

This picture of her pussy is wonderful.  Why?  Ok, first, she is a pale person and that really highlights her red pussy.  I bet she just shaved her clam for the photo shoot (god I love METART!) And that pose… WOW!  Thank you Nastya!

Her little pink lips are peeking out of her clam.  She has a very ‘every day’ pussy and anus.  Do you see anything unique?

Another amazing pose with her feet cupping her butt cheeks. Her little clam, happy trail, pink lips.  Forget the unique, give me a regular pussy like Nastya’s pussy.