Brown Anus – Reference 1

This amateur has an extremely brown anus.  It is a fairly large ring of dark skin that extend most of the way up her perineum.  We can also see into her vagina hole and see she has a pink to pink white vagina inside.  She’s trimmed and has small pink lips.  You would never guess by looking at her pussy that she would have such a very brown ring around her anus.

Anna’s Spitting Out Pussy

Anna’s pussy shows us a lot about what it looks like inside.  It is like its trying to spit out its vagina!

Her pussy is trimmed with medium clam and lips.  But her vagina hole is filled with part of her skin in her vagina.  She is wet between her lips and her vagina hole, though it is filled with pearls of skin, is light pink.

More close ups of the inside of Anna’s wet, pink, and spreading pussy.

One last close up of her brown anus, perineum, and spreading lips opening up to her vagina.

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Big Lips Close Up

These are extreme close up pictures of an amateur’s big, and thick (some would say meaty) lips.

Notice the brown tips on these bulging beauties. A pink white vagina hole too.

She’s shaved clean except for the hair around her anus. Her small clam can’t contain these big lips so they stick way far out.

Looks like something in her anus.  Her big lips drape down like heavy curtains, falling away from her clam.

What a gorgeous pink pussy!  We can see the inner folds of her vagina hole and how wet it is.

Paloma Shower

Oh the pussy on Paloma! Again, this is why you should join MET-ART! Where else can you find beautiful models spreading their legs apart so you can see their pussies?  Right away I’m sure you will notice the light skin on Paloma’s anus.

Here you can see her pussy is trimmed, has a small to medium clam, medium pink lips and, is that some whiteness in her vagina hole?

Yes indeed that is a pink-white vagina hole and hair around the bottom of her anus.

Natasha S

Oh Natasha, what a nice pussy and feet you have! Plus the small pink clam, small pink lips, brown anus and…

pink-white vagina hole!  Looks like a little bit of girlcum too.

If only you would spread your clam apart a bit.  Oh, thank you!

Now, get on your knees and show us your pussy and anus from behind!

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