Outdoor Pussy

Spring is coming and that brings us outdoors. Here are some beautiful pussies outside.

Let’s start with a stunning, creamy, MET-ART pussy from Juline. It was really hard to pick which pictures to post. Her pussy is unique and creamy in just about every one!

Her clam is puffy and red. Look at her girlcum in the picture below. Notice a little vagina tongue sticking out?

More girlcum and a brown anus.

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Melisa from FEMJOY spreads her legs near a waterfall. Nice all around! Great pussy, anus, legs and feet from FEMJOY.

Our last pussy model Alisa is deadly sexy.

It is hard to nook away from her creamy lips.

Maybe a girl next door pussy, but wow what a hot one! Get more of her holes here.

Now for an amateur outdoor pussy set.

She is very pale with a pink pussy. Let’s get closer.

It looks fresh and delicious! But look close when she spreads her lips!

That’s a danger outside, a fly is in her pink. Yes, that is a fly landed between her lips. Lucky fly. I’m sure her pussy is delicious. It would have to be. Look how light pink it is inside.

Open that pussy!

Ladies, open up your pussy!  We love the pictures you send, but few are really opening up to us.

Liv’s pussy opens up naturally when she spreads her legs wide.

Looks like her pussy is dripping some girlcum, doesn’t it?  We need a closer look…

We see she has a pink-white vagina hole.  Look at how nice her open hole is.

One more angle of Liv’s pussy.  A little further and maybe you could get your heel into your pussy. Get more of her from MET-ART.

Kami’s pussy opens when she spreads her legs really wide.  But again, we need a closer look at this fine pussy.

Now we have a nice open pussy!  Look at the ribbed skin on the top of her vagina hole.  What would that feel like to a tongue?

What a gorgeous pussy!  See her anus creases.

Now, Paloma, your pussy is very inviting, but it doesn’t open all the way for us to look inside you.  Your pussy looks creamy in this picture.  Maybe your gurlcum is sealing your vagina hole shut.

Now we can peek just a little into her pussy.  Just above her perineum you can see a little black hole that is, well, her pussy hole.  Not a bad view, but not as wide as it could be.  She is the type of girl that has to get her fingers in her vagina hole and spread them for us.

Now, an entry from FemJoy that proves how important a pose can be.  Look at this first picture of Danica’s pussy. Would you ever guess that her pussy would open up on its own?  I wouldn’t! Her clam looks small, but tight to her lips.  Her lips look too big to open up on their own.

And yet, behold!  A glimpse inside this beautiful pussy with just a different, and legs spread, pose.  Looks like she’s working on getting her heel up to her pussy too!  Not a lot of girls get their heel into their pussy.

Now for the amateurs to show the models how it is REALLY done!

Again, it takes some spreading, but the payoff is a pink-white pussy hole and a pink anus too.

If you REALLY want to see into a pussy, the best way is with a speculum.  Here are two pussies open insanely wide with this tool so you can see all the ribs and inner skin.  This isn’t very comfortable for a girl, by the way, especially opened this wide, unless you like the ‘fisting’ sensation.

Another speculum.  This one is plastic and a different style.  These are informative pictures, but not very sexy, agreed?  Still, everything about a pussy is amazing, so enjoy these unnaturally open pussies.

Girls of Summer

As the summer winds on we should take a moment and appreciate the beautiful girls who open their legs to show us their pussies on the beach.  Here are some excellent pussies.

Lena has pink-white vagina hole and very deep pink lips.

She also doesn’t mind sand in her pussy it seems.

Aurea, on the other hand, is keeping her lips closed and the sand out of her clean shaved pussy.  That’s probably best for everyone!

You can see that July has big lips while she plays in the surf.  Too bad they aren’t well defined – too much tanning!

Poor Luciana, her pussy is all deflated.  Her clam looks like it was popped and is just hanging all wrinkled around her small thin lips.

We end with the healthy, beautifully full pussy of Milana.  Many of the photos in her shoot highlight her fresh pussy.

No sand in this pussy!

She doesn’t have a big clam but look at the heft of those lips!  Check her smooth perenium and brown anus too.

Milena in the library

Clearly Milena is a Russian model with FEMJOY.

Her pussy is trimmed and quite pink inside.  Her vagina hole looks pink-white too.

Now we can see her lips are very wrinkled.

She has a small clam that can’t contain her lips that extend down to her perineum, but not through it.

Now we can see her slightly brown anus and just how pink it is inside her.  See the rest of her sample shots and join FEMJOY!