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Before we get to the models, have you seen Dee’s gorgeous pussy yet? Let’s start with a delicious picture of her wet pussy.

Look at her deflated clam and perineum lip. Notice how moist and smooth her lips are. Who wouldn’t want their mouth on that?! Maybe if we are nice she will send in more beautiful pussy pictures.

Now, from MPL Studios we have a very tender pussy from Sarah:

Or Maya’s pussy with the dark brown tips on her pussy lips.

Maybe the most tender is Alisa’s pussy:

Look at how soft and moist her vagina hole is when she spreads it. Notice how white her vagina hole is.

Her pussy is begging to be eaten!

Girl Next Door Pussy

Who doesn’t love a girl next door pussy? Plus, we seem to have fixed the picture upload problem for our pussy fans. So please amateurs, post your pussys now! And before you ask, yes, were working on the GIANT PUSSY picture issue (but I’m sure you don’t mind it a huge pussy in your face for the time being ;)

Keep coming back, we’re right here working to bring you sweet pussy. Now, just some good old next door girls and their pussys.

Tied up and presenting her pussy holes. Which to choose. Hmmm…

Now a voluptuous girl shows her perfectly shaved and totally closed clam. Then she sticks a marker up her anus!

Now for a gorgeous girl next door showing off her pussy like she was a model. Look at the coloring on her pussy and anus. Look at her spreading her legs and presenting her pussy holes for us!

Here comes the vibrator! Notice how pink her pussy hole is


Finally we’ve got Brooke’s pussy. She seems to like fingering her vagina and anus together. You know this girl. She goes to church, says all the right things, is waiting to get married, and masturbates till she cums every night – religiously!

Don’t you just love how creamy and natural her pussy hole is? How the color of her clam is dark, her lips are darker yet, and then the inside of her vagina hole is a creamy pink white. What a great pussy she has! She’s open and ready for anything!


Her Pussy + Your Face

Sure, some people are embarrassed about their pussy. That’s not how these girls feel. They want their pussy to be right up close in our faces! So let’s take a close look at these gorgeous pussys and see what she wants us to see.

Carol here has a shaved pussy. She’s taking her underwear off in this shot and looking straight at the camera. I’m guessing she wants us to enjoy her body. Her pussy is pink and her clam is puffy. Look at her brown anus.

Here’s another of her puffy clam pussy. She has a little landing strip of hair in line with her lips. Her clam is so puffy and soft looking in this picture.

Now Irina’s pussy is very different, except for her brown anus hole.

Her pussy is brown and shaved – not pink on the outside. Very much in your face though.

But when she spreads her legs we can see just how pink the inside of her pussy is. Her vagina hole is almost white it is so like. How different from the outside of her pussy. She certainly wants her pussy in our face. Spreading so we can see her vagina like that, I can only imagine what she wants us to do. See more of Irina.

Kira has a fresh and hairy pussy she’s putting into your face.

With a pose like this she certainly wants you to look right at her pussy.

Finally, let’s get our face right into Sakura’s pussy.

Look at the dark anus she has and her brown lips that are short and pushed up near her perineum. Let’s look closer at her pussy.

We can see just how unique her pussy is. Her little lips are near the bottom of her clam slit. Do you think her vagina hole is between those little pussy lips?

Yes indeed, that’s a vagina hole in those lips. It looks very moist between her lips. Her perineum covers the bottom of those tiny lips too. She has a big clit hood as well. You know she wants us to see her pussy and enjoy how unique it is. See more of her pussy.

Ok, one more. An amateur spreading her pussy open so wide we can see deep into her vagina hole.

Look deep into her pussy. Even though she has almost no lips at all she wants you to get your face right into her open hole! How great is that?

Allie’s Shaved Pussy

Allie is a beautiful FTV Girl with an adorable pussy.

There’s a softness to her rear and pussy. Everything looks puffy and sweet.

She definitely has a puffy clam. It looks absolutely delicious!

Insider her pussy lips it is a very light pink.

A closeup of her pussy. Her puffy clam wants to close up her lips, but it can’t quite close around her lips completely. This is a good shot of her anus and her butt cheeks that bulge around it.

See more of Allie’s puffy pussy.

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Gisele from Errotica Archives

She is perfectly and completely shaved. Notice her lips are not the same size.

She looks like a take charge kind of person that would sit on your face! I bet she tastes just fine.

What about Sabina from MET-ART? Would you eat her pussy?

Hers looks creamier on the inside. Her tuft of hair is something to consider when going down on a pussy.

Her lips look very inviting – long and thin and spreading apart at the top. I bet her pussy has a nice flavor too.

Or maybe you like eating Asian pussy.

Maybe you like eating a dirty pussy, like Asha’s creamy pussy.

Look at that sticky girlcum at the bottom of her clam. The whole ‘feel’ of her pussy looks dirty to me. I imagine she tastes unpleasant. Or, I might be totally wrong and her pussy tastes like honey!

Maybe you prefer eating out a fresh blond pussy.

What about eating Milana’s beautiful and fresh pussy.

She has one of my favorite pussys! look at her perfect skin and chocolate brown lips.

Her little brown anus, medium clam.

Her lips would be a nice mouthful to suck on. She is perfectly shaved so that wouldn’t hurt. I imagine she would get wet but since she is so fresh I bet there would be no unpleasant flavor to her pussy juices and girlcum.

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