Welcome FTV Girls to PussyTypes

Now we’ve got access to a bunch of new pussies from FTV Girls. Here’s why:

Because huge pussy lips like these are rare.

Because a close up on a pink, wet vagina hole like this is sooo gorgeous!

Because Nikkie’s pussy is worth seeing this close up!

How else could we see Shyls’a pussy?

The next two pictures aren’t from Shyla’s sample photo shoot. FTV members get these and more, but they were just too great to not share with you! Look at the ribbing inside her vagina hole.

Because FTV Girls stick their fingers up their anus – past their second knuckle!

Because a pussy is beautiful always!  Even Cadence’s pussy with thickened girlcum clumping on her finger and in her vagina hole.


Pussy ED

Pussy Every Day!  Not every pussy can be photographed in such stunning light as MET-ART does, but that’s no reason to shun these every day pussies all around us.

Take this girl for instance.

Her pussy is wet. She’d trimmed up around her clam, but left hair around her anus.  Typical for an every day girl.

Good size lips coming out of her clam. We see her clit hood, happy trail, and right into her open vagina hole when she spreads her legs.  Her vagina is quite pink and moist.

Here is her pussy afterward – obvious by all the girlcum dripping down her perineum.  There’s so much cum its loading up her anus!  Notice anything else telling us she was recently aroused?  Look at her clithood. Notice how it is clearly holding in an aroused clit?

Or what about this girl next door.  Nothing special to look at huh?  Silly…

I see a lot of lips and a happy girl!  Brown around her anus.

And there goes her hand! All five fingers right up her pussy.  That will certainly stretch out her vagina hole.  Look at her left hand, she’s been using that one inside her too I bet since it looks wet.

Thanks god she spread her pussy wide after her hand came out. It did stretch her out enough so we can see the many folds inside her vagina hole.  It most likely would caress anything slipped into that hole since even after putting her fist inside her, the inside of her vagina is closed up with her skin folds.

I wish we had more every day girls posting here, like this (unfortunately) anonymous amateur post?

Jenny’s pussy is just delicious looking!

Or what about the drop dead gorgeous pussy from Onehappy2010? More happy? Well there’s more of this great pussy underwater!!!

Nastya, not Nasty

Nastya’s pussy is like a girl’s next door.

This picture of her pussy is wonderful.  Why?  Ok, first, she is a pale person and that really highlights her red pussy.  I bet she just shaved her clam for the photo shoot (god I love METART!) And that pose… WOW!  Thank you Nastya!

Her little pink lips are peeking out of her clam.  She has a very ‘every day’ pussy and anus.  Do you see anything unique?

Another amazing pose with her feet cupping her butt cheeks. Her little clam, happy trail, pink lips.  Forget the unique, give me a regular pussy like Nastya’s pussy.