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I just like seeing her rest her pussy on her foot. Her hairy pussy is a little too unkempt for my taste though. Here’s a much cleaner pussy:
I like how her lips open up when she spreads her legs wide. We can see into her vagina and inside her very pink lips too. Check out her gallery and notice her little perineum ridge and cute little button anus.

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I admit it. I love Anita’s pussy!

Is she real? I can barely speak.

Look at her clam. It closes around her pussy lips when she closes her legs, even though her clam is not very puffy. Wow…

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Every single one of Maura’s sample pictures in this shoot are wonderful! You must check them all out, but here’s 3 to get you thinking.

Don’t her stockings frame her pussy well?

Her hair is trimmed, but not shaved clean. Her lips look a little darker than the rest of her skin.

Her lips seem to go all the way up her perineum to her anus hole. Look closely and you’ll see a little girlcum between her lips too.

Nicole has 3 different stocking on in this sample shoot.

Her pussy is shaved clean. Her lips have distinct brown tips.

Her clam and lips both look plump. It is easy to imagine her pussy ‘popped’ through those stockings!

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Her clam is very small, her hair is trimmed into a happy trail. Her breasts are big so I would think her clam would be too.

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Nastya’s pussy is like a girl’s next door.

This picture of her pussy is wonderful.  Why?  Ok, first, she is a pale person and that really highlights her red pussy.  I bet she just shaved her clam for the photo shoot (god I love METART!) And that pose… WOW!  Thank you Nastya!

Her little pink lips are peeking out of her clam.  She has a very ‘every day’ pussy and anus.  Do you see anything unique?

Another amazing pose with her feet cupping her butt cheeks. Her little clam, happy trail, pink lips.  Forget the unique, give me a regular pussy like Nastya’s pussy.