Susanna’s Pussy

Sometimes you want a natural and not cleaned out pussy. Well, here is Susanna’s pussy from MET-ART.

She is ‘dirty’

She isn’t shaving her pussy for you.

She is flexible, but she isn’t cleaning her natural girlcum out of her pussy for you.

See the white girlcum in her vagina hole when she spreads her legs? If it weren’t so thick it would drip right out of her pretty pussy.

She will open her vagina hole up for you though. It might open naturally, but I imagine she opened it up for these pictures.

I bet she put her finger in her vagina hole to open it up. There’s less girlcum in these pictures then earlier ones – hinting to it getting rubbed off or pushed back into her pussy.

Anus is not a Pussy Part?

277 viewers spoke up and said NO! Her anus is not part of her pussy! 59% of you want to stay out of her butt when it comes to talking about pussys.

So, here are some lovely ladies showing off their butts, anuses, and pussys.

Nice hairy anus on the girl above. I think it is a lot better looking than her ‘pussy’ is.

Nice spreading your anus for us, but it isn’t your pussy!

Oh come on! A speculum is for opening your vagina hole, not your ass hole! Jeesh, what do you think that leads to?

Exactly! Cum dripping out of your anus after having anal sex. Girls don’t like things up their butt. It’s not your pussy!

At least your cum is dripping out of your vagina hole. Thank you for having sex the right way. Now get that plug out of your anus!

Why would you use a dildo in your anus with suck a nice pussy?!

Maybe people are scared off from thinking the anus is part of a pussy because that’s where poop comes out. Case in point, this girl didn’t wash hers enough before her photo shoot. Don’t see it? Join Errotica Archives and see Raisa’s dirty bum here.

Now Avia, her pussy and anus is clean and wet!

Evie, what a great anus and pussy lips you have. That little tension ring around your anus hole looks like it wants to be tested for tightness.

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Seriously, wouldn’t it be tough to decide which hole of hers is better? Whether you call her anus part of her pussy or not, some are just amazing nonetheless!

Pussy ED

Pussy Every Day!  Not every pussy can be photographed in such stunning light as MET-ART does, but that’s no reason to shun these every day pussies all around us.

Take this girl for instance.

Her pussy is wet. She’d trimmed up around her clam, but left hair around her anus.  Typical for an every day girl.

Good size lips coming out of her clam. We see her clit hood, happy trail, and right into her open vagina hole when she spreads her legs.  Her vagina is quite pink and moist.

Here is her pussy afterward – obvious by all the girlcum dripping down her perineum.  There’s so much cum its loading up her anus!  Notice anything else telling us she was recently aroused?  Look at her clithood. Notice how it is clearly holding in an aroused clit?

Or what about this girl next door.  Nothing special to look at huh?  Silly…

I see a lot of lips and a happy girl!  Brown around her anus.

And there goes her hand! All five fingers right up her pussy.  That will certainly stretch out her vagina hole.  Look at her left hand, she’s been using that one inside her too I bet since it looks wet.

Thanks god she spread her pussy wide after her hand came out. It did stretch her out enough so we can see the many folds inside her vagina hole.  It most likely would caress anything slipped into that hole since even after putting her fist inside her, the inside of her vagina is closed up with her skin folds.

I wish we had more every day girls posting here, like this (unfortunately) anonymous amateur post?

Jenny’s pussy is just delicious looking!

Or what about the drop dead gorgeous pussy from Onehappy2010? More happy? Well there’s more of this great pussy underwater!!!

Open that pussy!

Ladies, open up your pussy!  We love the pictures you send, but few are really opening up to us.

Liv’s pussy opens up naturally when she spreads her legs wide.

Looks like her pussy is dripping some girlcum, doesn’t it?  We need a closer look…

We see she has a pink-white vagina hole.  Look at how nice her open hole is.

One more angle of Liv’s pussy.  A little further and maybe you could get your heel into your pussy. Get more of her from MET-ART.

Kami’s pussy opens when she spreads her legs really wide.  But again, we need a closer look at this fine pussy.

Now we have a nice open pussy!  Look at the ribbed skin on the top of her vagina hole.  What would that feel like to a tongue?

What a gorgeous pussy!  See her anus creases.

Now, Paloma, your pussy is very inviting, but it doesn’t open all the way for us to look inside you.  Your pussy looks creamy in this picture.  Maybe your gurlcum is sealing your vagina hole shut.

Now we can peek just a little into her pussy.  Just above her perineum you can see a little black hole that is, well, her pussy hole.  Not a bad view, but not as wide as it could be.  She is the type of girl that has to get her fingers in her vagina hole and spread them for us.

Now, an entry from FemJoy that proves how important a pose can be.  Look at this first picture of Danica’s pussy. Would you ever guess that her pussy would open up on its own?  I wouldn’t! Her clam looks small, but tight to her lips.  Her lips look too big to open up on their own.

And yet, behold!  A glimpse inside this beautiful pussy with just a different, and legs spread, pose.  Looks like she’s working on getting her heel up to her pussy too!  Not a lot of girls get their heel into their pussy.

Now for the amateurs to show the models how it is REALLY done!

Again, it takes some spreading, but the payoff is a pink-white pussy hole and a pink anus too.

If you REALLY want to see into a pussy, the best way is with a speculum.  Here are two pussies open insanely wide with this tool so you can see all the ribs and inner skin.  This isn’t very comfortable for a girl, by the way, especially opened this wide, unless you like the ‘fisting’ sensation.

Another speculum.  This one is plastic and a different style.  These are informative pictures, but not very sexy, agreed?  Still, everything about a pussy is amazing, so enjoy these unnaturally open pussies.