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I just like seeing her rest her pussy on her foot. Her hairy pussy is a little too unkempt for my taste though. Here’s a much cleaner pussy:
I like how her lips open up when she spreads her legs wide. We can see into her vagina and inside her very pink lips too. Check out her gallery and notice her little perineum ridge and cute little button anus.

FTV Extreme Pussy Usage

Leave it to FTV to give us a lot of extreme pussy use!
Danice stuffing both her pussy holes with bananas! One inside her vagina hole and one in her anus hole. Do you think there’s a reason that her anus got the fresher banana? I don’t. Be sure to notice how brown her pussy lips are and how not-brown her anus skin is.
Dani literally stuffing her panties into her vagina with a glass dildo! This is really fun to look at, especially since her clam is perfectly shaved, but why stuff your underwear up your vagina hole? Is it for fun, for the feeling of it, or to soak up girlcum? Anyone know why?

If panties in your pussy aren’t enough, what about your shoe heel inside your vagina? Now this is pushing the limits of what must feel good. I mean sure, it’s intriguing, but other than pushing the envelope, does it really make her pussy feel good?
Tying pussy lips is a cool trick. It shows just how much a woman’s lips will stratch. Make sure you see the picture of her fisting herself too!
Speaking of fisting, Lindy fists her pussy like she hates it! If this isn’t extreme pussy, I don’t know what is. And, I think she’s done some damage to the lining of her vagina. If you look at the pictures of her spreading her vagina hole open you see the skin fold looked ripped and torn and generally ‘beat up’. She must have really beat up her vagina. Girls, take care of your vagina walls!
Another fister is Kirsten. She also stretches her vagina back to show us her uterus. That’s right, that hole inside her vagina hole is where the magic happens to make babies. And on that, lets marvel at the magic of a woman’s vagina. Extreme as it can be, it is always wonderful.

Carolyns Pussy up Close

We see Carolyn’s pussy up close in two shoots from 18 Close Up, ‘Shy Carolyn Gets her Pussy Explored‘ and ‘Carolyn’s Orgasmic Contractions Close Up
Nice closed clam when her legs are closed. What is that piece of skin flap poking out of her anus?

She’s cute, sort of smiling. Tiny little pussy lips.
Nice open pussy. We see right into the pink walls of her vagina. We clearly see her urethra too. Hey, everyone has to pee!
Except for her anus, a good looking pussy don’t you think? She seems to like that big dildo up her pussy. Certainly she can’t fit it all in! Her vagina looks tiny.

Thanks for opening your vagina for us Carolyn! Your pussy is very nice.

Pale and fresh pussy from Anastasiya

Anastasia is a model at MET-ART and FEMJOY. We’ve collected all the free picture sets we can find and linked them each here. Remember that members of each site get a LOT more, but this is what is available for free. Enjoy!

Her skin is so pale but her pussy so pink! Her anus is very brown too. Her pussy really stands out in these pictures from MET-ART.

Look at her puffy clam. She is completely shaved too. Looks like a perineum lip maybe?

In this FEMJOY shoot we can see her clam is actually a little deflated. And another good look at her brown anus.

In this shoot we can see just how thick her pussy lips are. She sure loves to show off her feet doesn’t she?

Here’s a more ‘homely’ shoot that shows how dark the skin is all around her pussy when compared to her soft white skin elsewhere.

The luckiest hammock in the world!

Her widest leg spread is right here. Does it look creamy between her lips to you? It does to me.

Finally, just her and her pussy posing for you on a white background in this shoot from FEMJOY.

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Finally, a bonus pussy for you. Look how extremely dark her pussy lips are. And how pink her pussy hole is!

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Liv’s Pussy (and ass!)

Liv has a great pussy.

She is wet in this shoot. Not that her pussy is dripping wet from being aroused, but there is water spraying on her. I see a cum dam and a very brown anus. Speaking of her butt, in all of her pictures, be sure to look at her anus (I think she wants you to!).

There’s her little brown anus again.

Another of her rear end. It is very pretty, but what about her pussy lips you say?

There’s her pussy lips! We clearly see her cum dam here. If you don’t know, that is the skin that connects the right and left side of her pussy lips (vulva) at the bottom. It is so called because it helps keep cum inside her vagina hole. It could be cum from intercourse with a man (semen in that case) or her own girlcum from masturbating or otherwise being very stimulated. She probably put her fingers or a dildo into her vagina hole to spread her hole open for this picture, don’t you think? I’m not sure her vagina hole would open up this wide naturally just by her spreading her legs. However she got her vagina open like this it is a WONDERFUL picture! We can see part way into her gaping wet vagina hole. Bravo!