Team Pussy Poses

It takes a special group of ladies to take their clothes off and show their pussys together.  What a great team of pussys  we’ve got here!

Ramona and Isida have small but not identical pussys. Look for yourself.

The pussy on the left has a more full clam and lips trying to poke out.  The pussy on the right is a smaller clam and the lips are more inside the clam.  Now, check out their anuses in the pictures below.

The left has a light anus and the one on the right is much more brown.  Check out more of these pussys at their FemJoy shoot.

Now for some amateur team pussy pictures. Four pussys all spread at once. Gorgeous.

Koisha and Kimma have very different pussys from FemJoy. A closed clam on the left and brown lips poking out on the right.

Oooh, wish I was in the same field as these 3 pussys! Look at the brown lips and anus on the left pussy. A closed clam in the middle.  An open hole on the right.  Wow, nice pussys and feet ladies.

These 3 ladies from FemJoy just love to spread their legs! I highly recommend going to their shoot and becoming a FemJoy member.  Everything from a mostly closed clam to big big lips!  Wow, nice pussys ladies!

Finally, two pussys in love from some adventurous amateurs. They want to kiss don’t they? They are both very small but they can still feel wonderful.

I hope more women are adventurous enough to post multi pussy pictures.

Oh, and if you want to see some more models and multiple pussys?  Here’s some bonus galleries for you to enjoy from FemJoy.

Multi Pussy FemJoy 1
Multi Pussy FemJoy 2