Red-head / Pink-Pussy

Juline has a fantastic pussy that is expressive, full, and ready for anything.

She has both a large, puffy clam and large lips.  It is interesting in this pose that her clam looks like it is trying like heck to contain those lips, but they are so big they just hang out anyway.

From the rear we see her anus, of course, but also into her vagina hole just a little.  Plus, its clear that her clam is puffy and its not just based on how she is posed.

Yet another great closed clam with lips poking out.

An finally a legs spread wide pose so we can see her pink vagina hole. You can see some skin inside her vagina trying to come out.  What a great pose.  What a great pussy!

Pussy Pumping

So, what is point of a pumped pussy you ask?  Well first you get a pussy pump and suction it around the whole clam and start sucking the air out.

When you are done the pussy is engorged with blood, like this girl’s.  There’s no way to tell what her real pussy is like after its been pumped up like this.  You can see why a pumped pussy is supposed to be ‘tighter’ for sex.

So if the point is to get pumped up and have sex, why is there cum on her pussy and not in it or dripping out of it?  I’m confused…

All Clam + Cum Decoration

This girl has a pussy that is not unique, but somewhat rare.  It is the all clam pussy.  There are no visible lips unless she spread her clam apart and even then the lips are supre small. Check these pictures.  Here’s a classic big clam.

Even when she spreads there’s no lips.

Here’s that pussy decorated with cum.  This is a truly big, puffy clam.