Amateur ramming her anus

You might like this if you are into a woman’s anus. If not, you might want to move to another post.

We consider a woman’s anus part of her pussy since some treat their anus hole like a vagina. This girl totally does! Enjoy, or look away.

She’s getting started, opening up her anus hole. Nice vagina pussy too!

Moving up to a shampoo bottle! Some cream as lubricant to slide it in. It looks like a good sized bottle.

She’s really got it deep into her anus here. She must really like how it feels to push it that far up her anus hole.

Now she’s stretched her anus wide and we can see some poo in her. Hey, that’s were it is.

Now she’s fingering her anus but its spread so wide it isn’t tight on her finger. Nice anus hole girl!

Girl Next Door Pussy

Who doesn’t love a girl next door pussy? Plus, we seem to have fixed the picture upload problem for our pussy fans. So please amateurs, post your pussys now! And before you ask, yes, were working on the GIANT PUSSY picture issue (but I’m sure you don’t mind it a huge pussy in your face for the time being ;)

Keep coming back, we’re right here working to bring you sweet pussy. Now, just some good old next door girls and their pussys.

Tied up and presenting her pussy holes. Which to choose. Hmmm…

Now a voluptuous girl shows her perfectly shaved and totally closed clam. Then she sticks a marker up her anus!

Now for a gorgeous girl next door showing off her pussy like she was a model. Look at the coloring on her pussy and anus. Look at her spreading her legs and presenting her pussy holes for us!

Here comes the vibrator! Notice how pink her pussy hole is


Finally we’ve got Brooke’s pussy. She seems to like fingering her vagina and anus together. You know this girl. She goes to church, says all the right things, is waiting to get married, and masturbates till she cums every night – religiously!

Don’t you just love how creamy and natural her pussy hole is? How the color of her clam is dark, her lips are darker yet, and then the inside of her vagina hole is a creamy pink white. What a great pussy she has! She’s open and ready for anything!


Happy New Year Pussy Lovers!

It is another year.  Happy 2011!

Time to celebrate having a great inaugural year in 2010.  According to Google we’ve grown from a handful of people coming to the site, to over 1,500 per day at the end of 2010!  The trend is up, and hopefully even more people will come to learn about pussies and what kind of pussy they have.  There are just so many types of pussies!

From Ultra Models like Anna Aj here from MET-ART.

To regular girls showing us their beautiful pussy.

To girls taking their pussy to extremes to have a good time.

Help us explore all the different kinds of pussies in 2011.  Some changes you’ll notice.  We moved all the amateur pictures from 2010 to a new page: This will help us keep the current Amateurs page fast loading.  Also, all the ratings have been reset so there’s a clean slate ladies!  Who gets the most thumbs up for their pussy?  Well, post yours and vote on it.  Also, for now, comments go right to the website.  If we have to turn on moderating we will, but so far it has worked out ok with little abuse of our terms of use.  Remember, we are here to celebrate the beauty of woman’s pussies and give girls the tools and opportunity to feel good about themselves and learn what kind of pussy they have.
Happy New Year!  Bring on the pussies.

Odd Insertions

Some girls will put anything in their pussy for a good time, or just a joke!  Here are some of the strangest.


How deep is that?

Anus is part of the pussy remember!

But this is just gross…

That would taste better!

Awww, flowers, how nice!

How to Masturbate with Household Items

You can masturbate with your hands using your fingers in your pussy, and you’ve tried putting your finger in your anus and rubbing your clit. Now you want to put items inside you to see how that feels.  Why not start with what you’ve got around the house?  Here’s some ideas to get you started on getting off.

Before you put anything inside you make sure it is very CLEAN!  You can get nasty infections if you aren’t sure its clean.  That being said, vagina’s are tougher than you’d think.

Classic ‘dildos’ are vegetables.  I recommend having them at room temperature, not right out of the fridge when you put it in you.  Clean that cucumber and start slowly inserting it in your vagina.  You’ll have to lubricate it if you aren’t very wet.  Otherwise it will stick and pull your pussy lips.

Carrots are another common choice.  Both veggies are naturally ribbed so try rotating them in you and pushing them in and out.

Bottles work well too, but you they are usually wide so you’ll have to be used to having your pussy opened up wide.  If you like it, go for it!

With all of these around the house dildos how far you push it inside you and how wide you like to be stretched is personal preference.  Comment if you have other techniques or items that work well in your pussy.  Pictures are always welcome!

Finally, an adventurous girl uses a baseball bat in her.  I think she really likes it.

[flv: 500 400]

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