Liv’s Pussy (and ass!)

Liv has a great pussy.

She is wet in this shoot. Not that her pussy is dripping wet from being aroused, but there is water spraying on her. I see a cum dam and a very brown anus. Speaking of her butt, in all of her pictures, be sure to look at her anus (I think she wants you to!).

There’s her little brown anus again.

Another of her rear end. It is very pretty, but what about her pussy lips you say?

There’s her pussy lips! We clearly see her cum dam here. If you don’t know, that is the skin that connects the right and left side of her pussy lips (vulva) at the bottom. It is so called because it helps keep cum inside her vagina hole. It could be cum from intercourse with a man (semen in that case) or her own girlcum from masturbating or otherwise being very stimulated. She probably put her fingers or a dildo into her vagina hole to spread her hole open for this picture, don’t you think? I’m not sure her vagina hole would open up this wide naturally just by her spreading her legs. However she got her vagina open like this it is a WONDERFUL picture! We can see part way into her gaping wet vagina hole. Bravo!


Pussy Triple Threat

You’ll have to check these pussies out in more detail on their sample pages if you want to get deeper into them. Here’s 3 pussys:

First, let’s see those big pussy lips Lacie!

Wow, yes they are huge!

Nice rear pose, legs and feet. But most important is your pussy with meaty lips and little button anus hole.  Check more of her samples for her doing a split with her big lips dangling.

Ok Milana, your turn to wow us with your perfect pussy.

Wow.  Ok, well maybe her anus is not perfect.

WOW! Isn’t there something wrong with her? There must be, look here to see a close up of her so perfectly trimmed pussy.

Now we’ve got Vendi bringing up the rear – pun intended!

She’s pink and pale everywhere but around her anus hole. Need more?

Boom! Now that’s a deep dark anus hole that I’m sure she plays with. Don’t you think?

Speaking of playing with. One more picture for the road of Patricia easing (or jamming?) a banana into her pussy to masturbate.

Enjoy, and thank you for adoring pussys and respecting the beautiful women who are kind enough to share them with us.  Keep sending in your pictures ladies! Thousands of people come to this site every day to see if you’ve posted yours yet. So if you haven’t, please share your gorgeous pussy with us! You know we’ll love you for it.


Alina’s Fresh Pussy

Alina has a great pussy. Hers is why MET-ART is so popular with pussy connoisseurs.

She’s trimmed a nice happy trail into her pussy.  Her clam is a deep pink color.

Her anus looks very brown. Let’s take a closer look.

Her clam can’t enclose her lips. They stick out right in the middle of her clam. Isn’t that a a gorgeous pussy on her? Don’t you  love her deep brown anus hole?

It looks like she knows she has a great pussy!

Yes, she knows how great her holes look!  See more of her sample pictures.

Pussy ED

Pussy Every Day!  Not every pussy can be photographed in such stunning light as MET-ART does, but that’s no reason to shun these every day pussies all around us.

Take this girl for instance.

Her pussy is wet. She’d trimmed up around her clam, but left hair around her anus.  Typical for an every day girl.

Good size lips coming out of her clam. We see her clit hood, happy trail, and right into her open vagina hole when she spreads her legs.  Her vagina is quite pink and moist.

Here is her pussy afterward – obvious by all the girlcum dripping down her perineum.  There’s so much cum its loading up her anus!  Notice anything else telling us she was recently aroused?  Look at her clithood. Notice how it is clearly holding in an aroused clit?

Or what about this girl next door.  Nothing special to look at huh?  Silly…

I see a lot of lips and a happy girl!  Brown around her anus.

And there goes her hand! All five fingers right up her pussy.  That will certainly stretch out her vagina hole.  Look at her left hand, she’s been using that one inside her too I bet since it looks wet.

Thanks god she spread her pussy wide after her hand came out. It did stretch her out enough so we can see the many folds inside her vagina hole.  It most likely would caress anything slipped into that hole since even after putting her fist inside her, the inside of her vagina is closed up with her skin folds.

I wish we had more every day girls posting here, like this (unfortunately) anonymous amateur post?

Jenny’s pussy is just delicious looking!

Or what about the drop dead gorgeous pussy from Onehappy2010? More happy? Well there’s more of this great pussy underwater!!!

A Note About Posting and Craving Pussy

Today was a sad day.  There was a bogus post, Lee if you recall, that had to be removed because it was unauthorized and the woman in those pictures didn’t want them to be typed.  Some people just really suck!  There are also, spuriously, comments about how this is a degrading site and everyone involved should be ashamed to be looking at women’s pussies.  Really?  Hmmm… I disagree.  Here’s a reminder of what is pussy type material, what is not, and some pictures for those of you who say, “bad ladies and gentlemen, bad bad naughty! pussies are not to be admired!”

First, the cut and dry:

  1. Don’t post pictures you aren’t authorized to.  If it isn’t your pussy, make sure she is ok with her pussy going online.
  2. No dicks.  In fact, the less of men the better.  This is pussytypes, not dicktypes.  If you submit a picture with a dick, it won’t get posted.
  3. No phone numbers or requests to ‘contact me’ for this or that.  This is not a dating service.  Plus, we don’t want to enable anything illegal or creepy.
  4. No underage pictures.  If a girl or her pussy doesn’t look like its over 18 years old, it will be deleted. No exceptions!
  5. Each post is reviewed before it is approved and made live on the site.  If you ever wondered why it didn’t immediately show up, it is because we have to make sure the first rules are adhered too.

Now for the crazy idea that this is a disgusting site.  I mean really?!  I sincerely think that Calla wants us to look at her pussy. I mean, I assume so since she is a model and she is spreading her legs pretty wide!

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe she wants us to look at her haircut?  No, I think I’m right, look below, there is an even more blatant, “I want you to look at my pussy” picture in her shoot.

I like her brown anus.  Oops!  There I go again looking at a pussy…

Maybe their point is that only a woman should look at a woman’s pussy?  Like Erika and Agata.

Good, I’m glad they can enjoy each other’s pussy.  But then this picture from the same shoot confuses me.

Why is her pussy with nice pink lips and a hint of a cum dam spread so big for the camera?  Why is her round anus and happy trail so easy for us to see?   Darn, better keep investigating to root of this problem.

Is it ok if we can’t see the girl’s face?  What if she isn’t spreading her lips apart like Katerina’s pussy closed by her clam.

I just don’t know. What if we are looking at the brown, thick lips of Antea’s pussy through a reflective glass?  Is that better?  Yes, it must be!

What if she has a hairy pussy, a closed clam, and has on some clothing?  Then I can look all I want at Amy’s pussy, right?

NOOO!!! Amy, don’t you know it is bad to look at your pussy like this?  If you spread your legs like that your clam opens up and we can even see between your lips into your vagina hole!!  And if you were trying, you didn’t cover it up with your foot!

Maybe it is a model thing and amateurs don’t actually want us to see their pussy.  Like Zena, she doesn’t want us to look at her, right?

Or Linette.

They say they want to know what kind of a pussy they have, but they are lying and really don’t want us to look at their gorgeous pussies.

Yeah right!  To all you haters, go look at something else, like dicks, and let us pussy lovers look at pussies!

I recommend anyone with a pussy to show off posts it to prove these are nothing more than women haters that say pussies shouldn’t be craved.