Viva’s Wet Pussy

Viva has a great pussy. She’s a MetArt girl, what else would you expect?
Notice the girlcum near the bottom of her anus, right above her perineum. She has thin lips that are pink.

Here’s a closeup of her pussy. Her lips naturally open when she spreads her legs wide. Check out her anus and the hair around it.

An even closer shot of her delicate pussy lips and the opening to her vagina. So beautiful!

Here we can see that even though her lips are small, her clam is also small and cannot completely cover up her pussy lips when her legs are closed. Nice little perineum too.

Here’s a great shot of her anus. It is a little hairy and the skin is brown. It looks wet. I imagine she lubricated her pussy and all the skin around it for this photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy looking at her pussy as much as I do! -PT

Hunting for Amateur Pussy

We don’t get enough amateurs submitting pictures of their pussy, so we need to go hunting for amateur pussy and bring some of the finest to you.

Here’s a pretty girl taking off her panties.

She doesn’t shave her pussy or anus so she is quite hairy. Nice pose with her legs up, slightly bent, and feet in the shot. We see how much hair is around her anus.

Here she’s masturbating with a wine bottle. It looks like she is pushing it in a couple inches into her vagina hole.

This is a great and BIG picture of her stuffing the bottle into her pussy from the rear. Her pose adds to this picture a lot. Plus it ollks like she’s pushed it it another inch. Notice how her perineum looks pink. She also has nice long feet that help to frame her bottle filled pussy.

Now for a more shaved and spread wide amateur pussy.

Again we’ll start with her exposing her pussy with her panties partially on. This is a great legs up pose and anus spread that is terribly inviting.

Here’s a close up of her spread open pussy lips. Notice how small her lips are. How wet and ping her vagina hole is. She is shaved around her clam but less around her anus.

Here is a very close look at her pussy. How beautiful is that?!

Now, if you fancy her anus over her vagina hole, here she’s raising it up and presenting it beautifully. Nice feet, face, clam and anus, don’t you think?

She’s spreading her anus so you can get really close to her hole. Actually, her anus and vagina hole are getting spread in this picture. Don’t miss her puffy clam either.

Finally, she ends with stuffing a wine bottle into her vagina hole! Looks like a trend. Maybe some amateur girls will post their own adventurous pussy pictures.

Tons of Pussies, New and Old

We’ve posted dozens and dozens of pussies here at The first model we posted was of Jolly A. Be sure to check back through the posts and see ALL of the pussies we have to adore and comment on.


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Check out Jolly A: Everything is medium and pink. Shaved clean, lips are pink and extend beyond clam. Perineum with lips! When she’s not stretching her pussy you can clearly see lips running right to her anus. Unfortunately there are no pictures of her vagina hole, but I’d guess it is tight, pink, and wrinkled since her lips are like that. Click on the pictures below for a full sized one, and see the whole sample set here. Sign up at MET-ART for the full set at full resolution (its worth it!)

Notice her hairy anus too.

See the whole set here and comment on this exquisite pussy below.

Close Up Amateurs

Its nice to get right close to a pussy to see all the details.  Here are some amateur shots to enjoy.

Here’s a shaved clean small clam.  The lips are thin but medium in length with a good sized clit hood.  Some hair around her anus, so not 100% clean shaved.

Pretty good trim job here.  Her bottom is up by the way so her clam is facing down.  We can’t see her clit since she’s rubbing it, but that’s a classic pink vagina hole.

Now there’s some big lips! Plus a wrinkly clam.

It was worth the wait?! Yes, we can see right into her vagina.  This pussy is trimmed a little, very moist, has small lips, a pink and fairly small vagina hole and I see girlcum deep inside!

Big Lips Close Up

These are extreme close up pictures of an amateur’s big, and thick (some would say meaty) lips.

Notice the brown tips on these bulging beauties. A pink white vagina hole too.

She’s shaved clean except for the hair around her anus. Her small clam can’t contain these big lips so they stick way far out.

Looks like something in her anus.  Her big lips drape down like heavy curtains, falling away from her clam.

What a gorgeous pink pussy!  We can see the inner folds of her vagina hole and how wet it is.