Two Very Different Young Teen Pussy Clams

I’m sometimes amazed at how different pussys are. Here’s a good example of two young girls (not too young, don’t worry! We don’t post pre 18 year old photos.)This young lady has almost not clam and tiny little pussy lips. She is tanned all over, including her anus and her lips if you can believe it! Only a subtle pink is visible on the inner side of her pussy lips. We do see a little girlcum – wetness inside her vagina hole.

Now this girl is VERY young looking! No matter, look at her closed up clam pussy. No visible lips! Her clam is puffy and pink. Her clam is slightly wrinkled too, almost like a clam from an older woman. Goes to show that you just can’t expect what a woman’s pussy will look like until you see it up close!

Just A Great Milky Girlcum Pussy!

Just a quickie, but a goodie!I can hear it now, “That’s gross!” or “That’s fake!” or “Who wants to eat that?” Well, I think girlcum is great! A naturally wet vagina is a good thing and we should all appreciate it every chance we get!

Notice how intricate the folds of her lips are. Her clam actually closes over most of her lip in other pictures. See her sample shoot with more shots of her delicate pussy.

FTV Extreme Pussy Usage

Leave it to FTV to give us a lot of extreme pussy use!
Danice stuffing both her pussy holes with bananas! One inside her vagina hole and one in her anus hole. Do you think there’s a reason that her anus got the fresher banana? I don’t. Be sure to notice how brown her pussy lips are and how not-brown her anus skin is.
Dani literally stuffing her panties into her vagina with a glass dildo! This is really fun to look at, especially since her clam is perfectly shaved, but why stuff your underwear up your vagina hole? Is it for fun, for the feeling of it, or to soak up girlcum? Anyone know why?

If panties in your pussy aren’t enough, what about your shoe heel inside your vagina? Now this is pushing the limits of what must feel good. I mean sure, it’s intriguing, but other than pushing the envelope, does it really make her pussy feel good?
Tying pussy lips is a cool trick. It shows just how much a woman’s lips will stratch. Make sure you see the picture of her fisting herself too!
Speaking of fisting, Lindy fists her pussy like she hates it! If this isn’t extreme pussy, I don’t know what is. And, I think she’s done some damage to the lining of her vagina. If you look at the pictures of her spreading her vagina hole open you see the skin fold looked ripped and torn and generally ‘beat up’. She must have really beat up her vagina. Girls, take care of your vagina walls!
Another fister is Kirsten. She also stretches her vagina back to show us her uterus. That’s right, that hole inside her vagina hole is where the magic happens to make babies. And on that, lets marvel at the magic of a woman’s vagina. Extreme as it can be, it is always wonderful.

Gorgeous Fresh Pussys

Sophia is drop dead beautiful. And so is her pussy!So, she has a little clam. Almost nothing there when she stretches her hips.Oooh, her feet near her pussy. Very nice. Notice her clam can almost keep her pussy lips inside, but not completely. Hold your breath for the picture below.

Wow! A real dripping wet pussy! Look how delicate her little pink lips are. Look how they open up to expose her vagina hole. Her baby pussy lips are only 1/2 the length of the opening to her vagina. Did I mention the wetness dripping out or her vagina? Oh, I did. Well, if this doesn’t convince you that MetArt is an amazing site for beautiful pussys, I don’t know what will. Amazing pussy.

Adriana has a petite brown pussy.

Not a huge jump from a little pink pussy, we just changed the color! Notice her brown lips are stuck together and looks like there’s girlcum or some wetness holding them together like glue.She has a really brown clam and brown lips. ‘Exotic’ to some, but she’s just a regular latina beauty with a nice shaved pussy. Again, thank you Met Art! We love your ladies!

Viva’s Wet Pussy

Viva has a great pussy. She’s a MetArt girl, what else would you expect?
Notice the girlcum near the bottom of her anus, right above her perineum. She has thin lips that are pink.

Here’s a closeup of her pussy. Her lips naturally open when she spreads her legs wide. Check out her anus and the hair around it.

An even closer shot of her delicate pussy lips and the opening to her vagina. So beautiful!

Here we can see that even though her lips are small, her clam is also small and cannot completely cover up her pussy lips when her legs are closed. Nice little perineum too.

Here’s a great shot of her anus. It is a little hairy and the skin is brown. It looks wet. I imagine she lubricated her pussy and all the skin around it for this photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy looking at her pussy as much as I do! -PT