Spread Your Pussy!

Please!  Invite us to investigate by spreading.  Here are some lovely women who invite us to look more closely.  Click their name for their sample shoot.

Izabelle is just gorgeous. Her pussy is not terribly interesting (sorry) but it is TERRIBLY inviting!

Chantelle is sitting on a chair for this close up of her pussy.  Spread like this the entry to her anus makes a triangle with her perineum.  Her anus hole is slightly puffed out but still delicate and smooth.  Her clam and lips are both fairly small.  In fact, in her other shots her clam almost covers her lips.  Take a close look at her lips.  They almost look like double lips.

Aelitia spreads in almost every picture of her shoot, including this one where she pulls her but cheek a little to spread her anus.  This pussy intrigues me.  It is both inviting and also kind of, well, lets just investigate.  There’s a brown ring around the far edge of her anus, like there’s been a lot of big things roughing up her skin from anal sex.  Maybe not, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  She has a small little brown set of lips near her perineum too.  They would certainly do something for her pussy when anything is inserted

A couple amateur pictures to get you back to reality.  This girl’s pussy has a very small clam, small lips that are ringed in brown, and a very pink vagina hole.  Her anus is a little brown too.  Very nice and inviting amateur shot!

This fresh girl has a shaved clean pussy and well proportioned lips and clam.  Her legs spread and her fingers pulling back on her pussy make for a VERY inviting pose indeed!

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Melisa’s Wrinkled Clam

Do you like wrinkly clams and big pussy lips?  If you do then you’ll love Melisa’s pussy!

Her lips are very big and pussy yet her clam is small and wrinkly.  She also has a cum dam.  Notice in the picture below how her lips come together above her perineum forming a dam that would keep cum (hers or someone else’s) from dripping down her perineum.

No cum leaving this vagina!

What a huge set of double lips she has!  Notice how her clit hood separates into lips and then there’s another set coming out from underneath that is her real inner vulva.

What a great pussy!