All Clam + Cum Decoration

This girl has a pussy that is not unique, but somewhat rare.  It is the all clam pussy.  There are no visible lips unless she spread her clam apart and even then the lips are supre small. Check these pictures.  Here’s a classic big clam.

Even when she spreads there’s no lips.

Here’s that pussy decorated with cum.  This is a truly big, puffy clam.

Rich A

Who doesn’t love a decorated pussy?  Both with a necklace and with a little brown spot between the right lip and clam. Pussy type is trimmed, small clam, medium lips with slight brown tips.  Lips extend well beyond this little clam.  Perenium has a lot of lip too, but check out the whole sample set here for more.

Notice how much her lips extend out.  Maybe she stretched them for the shoot?  Also check out the perenium.  More investigation is possible for MET-ART members with bigger files.  The sample set is here.