Happy Valentines 2011

You certainly remember our 2010 Valentines post. Well its another year and another day to celebrate pussy! If you haven’t gotten your favorite girl something she’ll love, how about some nice underwear that says you love her pussy? You know she wants it, and you want to see her in it (then out of it)

Great!  Now for some valentines day pussy!

She’s letting us peek.  Nice tan pussy. Now its off. Check out her closed clam and brown anus.  Nicely shaved pussy.

Oooh!  Shaving your pussy, how nice!

You have to love a fresh pussy with a heart shaved into the hair.  Even if there isn’t much hair, its a nice gesture.

Awww, you brought flowers!

Not shaved, but not a forest of hair either.  Can’t see much of her lips though.

God this is a great shot! Heel won’t go in her pussy with legs like that.  Fresh, shaved, small clam. Gorgeous! I wish we could see her spread her lips apart or finger herself perhaps.

Send in your valentine pussy pictures!

Demi A

Another sandy pussy!  Maybe because it is winter we’re getting plenty of beach lovin’.

Demi has a finely trimmed pussy with a clam that is a little darker than her skin color.  Right where her vagina hole is there’s sand – Darn!

We can tell she has small lips since her clam completely closes when she isn’t spreading her legs.  We can see her anus is pretty brown around it too.

See more samples of her pussy.

Catrina A

Why would you shoot a girl like this in the sand?  The most interesting thing about this pussy is that it is sandy.  Lood at these pictures, then go see more pictures in the preview.  Sandy – interesting, but I can’t get past it to give a good pussy type!

Somebody give this girl a bath! It would really be uncomfortable for everyone trying to enjoy that sandy pussy.