Emma – Sprayed

Errotica Archives does a great job of giving us high quality pussys. Emma shows us her pussy in all its glory!She is completely shaved clean. Her clam is slightly puffy but it is dwarfed by her big pussy lips. Here we go! Now we see that when she spreads her legs wide apart her lips open up at the bottom and expose some of the inside of her vagina walls. The inner of her is pink and delicate. She has a very pronounced cum dam as her lips connect beneath her vagina hole.Here’s her tight little brown anus. We see more of her delicate pink inner vagina skin folds.This picture is great! It shows how silky smooth the skin is between her big lips and her clam. It also shows she has a big clit hood. We see even more of her pink skin too!

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Liv’s Pussy (and ass!)

Liv has a great pussy.

She is wet in this shoot. Not that her pussy is dripping wet from being aroused, but there is water spraying on her. I see a cum dam and a very brown anus. Speaking of her butt, in all of her pictures, be sure to look at her anus (I think she wants you to!).

There’s her little brown anus again.

Another of her rear end. It is very pretty, but what about her pussy lips you say?

There’s her pussy lips! We clearly see her cum dam here. If you don’t know, that is the skin that connects the right and left side of her pussy lips (vulva) at the bottom. It is so called because it helps keep cum inside her vagina hole. It could be cum from intercourse with a man (semen in that case) or her own girlcum from masturbating or otherwise being very stimulated. She probably put her fingers or a dildo into her vagina hole to spread her hole open for this picture, don’t you think? I’m not sure her vagina hole would open up this wide naturally just by her spreading her legs. However she got her vagina open like this it is a WONDERFUL picture! We can see part way into her gaping wet vagina hole. Bravo!


Loreen’s Pussy

Loreen has a gorgeous pussy from Errotica Archives.

Look at the interesting folds at the top of her pussy lips. She seems to have a subtle cum dam hear her perineum too, but it may just be hos she’s sitting. Her clam looks a little deflated.

She has a trimmed pussy and big lips relative to her clam.

Another nice picture showing her clam is indeed partially deflated.

Quite a tease? You want to see her face?

Woe. Is there anything about Loreen that isn’t perfect?

Show Me The Pussy!

Fine! You want pussy? Well, we’ve got pussy!

I like the dark brown circling Anastasia’s anus – makes it look like a bulls-eye.

Say hi to Melina D’s hairy pussy. Too hairy to eat I think.

Nice puffy clam on Julia’s pussy.

Isabella has a cum dam on her pussy lips. Do you see it?

Twist has an adorable and slightly pink pussy. Nice feet and pose too!

Natasha – white skin, pink pussy, dark anus.

Nomi has some hair, but not too much. Would you eat her pussy?

Pull your lips apart now Leka! Good thing she’s shaved her hair into a landing strip.

Yana and Ondine get their pussys close to each other like lesbians ready to go at it!

It is worth clicking to see Mitzie’s face. Don’t be a jerk and just look at her little brown anus and a pussy the same color as her red hair.

Tinna’s pussy is thick and pink. She has perineum lips running to her anus.

Finally, here’s a nice amateur girl spreading her fresh pink pussy for us to look into.

Mari – Fresh and Flexible

It is amazing how wide Mari B can spread her legs. First, notice how fresh she is. Then look at the distinct colors of her pussy.

Her lips have a dark brown skin tips. Her anus if quite brown too.

Her pussy lips look like the connect at the bottom forming a slight cum dam. Her lips open slightly if she spreads her legs wide.

What a gorgeous pussy she has!

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