Carolyns Pussy up Close

We see Carolyn’s pussy up close in two shoots from 18 Close Up, ‘Shy Carolyn Gets her Pussy Explored‘ and ‘Carolyn’s Orgasmic Contractions Close Up
Nice closed clam when her legs are closed. What is that piece of skin flap poking out of her anus?

She’s cute, sort of smiling. Tiny little pussy lips.
Nice open pussy. We see right into the pink walls of her vagina. We clearly see her urethra too. Hey, everyone has to pee!
Except for her anus, a good looking pussy don’t you think? She seems to like that big dildo up her pussy. Certainly she can’t fit it all in! Her vagina looks tiny.

Thanks for opening your vagina for us Carolyn! Your pussy is very nice.

Heel in you Pussy

We have a wonderful last minute entry from Dee for pussy of the year. Voting will start next week so ladies, if you have any last pictures to submit, send them now.

Wanting a ‘shoe in’ for the running? Pull off a rarity and put you heel in your pussy – if you can!

Not everyone has the flexibility or proportions to do it, but it is fun to see it.

Carolina gets her heel to her pussy, but not up into her vagina hole.

Maybe her clam won’t open enough to let her heel in?

Even though she has a tightly close clam, I’m sure it would fit in if she tried hard enough.

Paolina might be able to slide her heel up her vagina hole a little if her hips spread her legs a little wider.

What do you think about her different sized breasts? Remind you of anyone?

Finally, Anita does a fair job of getting her heel near her pussy.

How much sexier can she be?

Great shot of her brown anus.

Ok, now if you want to be considered for Pussy of the Year 2011, get you shots in now!


Danica and Leona’s Pussy

! UPDATE ! 3 New pictures of Danica’s pussy below.

Danica has a pussy that looks very young (but like all the models here, she’s 18 years or older).

She is perfectly shaved clean and she has puffy little lips.

But clearly she is over 18. But back to her pussy. Her lips are small but they peek out when she spreads her legs wide like this.

Here’s her closed clam and her brown anus too.  Great pose!

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New Pictures of Danica’s Pussy

Hot from FEMJOY we’ve got more of her pussy.

Showing us her feet and fresh pussy. Her clam is almost closed shut over her lips in this shot.

Classic pose with her heel near her pussy.

A nice legs spread wide that also spreads her lips open. Can you see that in her vagina hole it is a little lighter pink? More of this new shoot of Danica’s pussy at FEMJOY. Get more of her pussy as a FEMJOY member.

Now Leona has a 20+ looking pussy. Her deflated clam lies on her age.

But wow is her pussy great looking!

Her lips are thin. Notice how they are sticking to the inside of her clam and peeling back to expose the pink inside her pussy lips.


We get a peek at her anus in this shot (you see more in her sample shots here)

So beautiful, deflated clam and all.

Pussy – Face

Ever wonder what a woman’s face looks like just from seeing her pussy? Too bad we live in a world where its usually the other way around! Good thing MET-ART helps us live in the world we want!

Avia’s Pussy

Notice her clean shaved pussy. Long lips, and an anus that is brown around it and pink inside when she spread her butt cheeks apart.

Avia’s pussy and face

Her clam looks more deflated and wrinkled when her legs are spread. Notice her bigger lips.

Monique’s pussy

Monique is all clam! No lips here. Look just above her perineum and you’ll see some girlcum in her vagina hole. She has a brown anus too.

Monique’s face

We see her spreading a little here and it looks like she’s got some real cottage cheese girlcum going on. MET-ART members can see more of her pussy and cum.

Gemma’s pussy

Whoa, this is a messy hairy pussy! It is hard to see much through that wet hair, but her lips are open enough for us to see into her vagina hole a little bit.

Gemma’s face

She is a hairy pussy girl! Only the skin between the outside of her lips and her clam is hair free.

Galaxia’s pussy

Look at those soft pink lips poking out of her soft pink clam! Her pussy looks so fresh and tender.

Galaxia’s face

Nice landing strip of hair. That clam could never contain her big pink lips!

If you want to, send a picture of your pussy and then your face to add to the fun. Like this fresh amateur pussy. So here’s her pussy from the rear. Nice and pink!

A nice little landing strip of pubic hair. Small clam and lips.

Fingering her vagina hole. We can see her face now.

Pussy -> Face!