Emma – Sprayed

Errotica Archives does a great job of giving us high quality pussys. Emma shows us her pussy in all its glory!She is completely shaved clean. Her clam is slightly puffy but it is dwarfed by her big pussy lips. Here we go! Now we see that when she spreads her legs wide apart her lips open up at the bottom and expose some of the inside of her vagina walls. The inner of her is pink and delicate. She has a very pronounced cum dam as her lips connect beneath her vagina hole.Here’s her tight little brown anus. We see more of her delicate pink inner vagina skin folds.This picture is great! It shows how silky smooth the skin is between her big lips and her clam. It also shows she has a big clit hood. We see even more of her pink skin too!

If that weren’t enough, she’s cute as well!Want to see what people think about the rest of her body? Check out her review at NakedGrade.com

I hope you like Emma’s pussy. I sure do! She is just one of the many beautiful pussys, and just one of the many reasons why I am a huge Errotica Archives fan. You get so much for so little!

Dana D’s Sandy Pussy

Well she doesn’t actually get sand inside her vagina walls (at least not in these samples) but she does get her ass sandy!

If you want to grade the rest of her body, (and see her one big and one smaller boob) head over to Dana’s critique at NakedGrade.com

We can see her brown lips poking out from around her clam. Her anus looks brown too.

Here’s a better look at her whole pussy from the rear. Very nicely shaved with medium to big lips. And now from the front:

Her lips hang from her clam nicely in this picture. This is exactly how she would look if she were about to urinate.

Now we can see her lips are big enough to hand down even when she lays sideways. We see her brown anus too. And the best is saved for last:

Look at her pussy’s wetness here. Her lips are opened slightly as she spreads her legs wide and we see she is wet and pink inside. It might be a little white girlcum. Whatever it is her vagina is moist inside. Met-Art members see a lot more of Dana’s great pussy!

Spread your pussy for me

Sometimes you just want to see a woman spread her legs as wide as she can to get her pussy as unshrouded as possible! Check out these nice spreads.

Elle isn’t pulling any punches, or hiding any of her pussy.

Reaching for her ankles we can see how deflated her clam is.

Nice spread to show us her pink pussy hole.

Leila takes a different approach to spread her legs and show off her pussy.

Her lips are perfectly laid down on her clam to expose her pink vagina hole. Her lips are more brown than her body skin and her anus hole is also brown. This pose makes her look like she’s ready for something!

We can see how her clam can’t hold in her long lips.

A lot of girls like pressure on their anus hole.

Sabina is so eager for you to look at her pussy!

Talk about spreading legs wide!

Her pussy looks like it is a little puffy and excited.

Nice little lips and button anus hole.

Finally, check out this really pink pussy spread wide for you.

Do you see some wetness on her lips too?

Polls Point to Younger Pussy! – Welcome Ilona and her fresh pussy

So far about 40% of people responding to our pussy poll say they’d like to see more younger pussy. While we are very clear that pussy under 18 is illegal and wrong, there is nothing wrong with women 18 and over modeling their pussy for us to enjoy.

Ilona has a soft body and pussy to match. MET-ART members get to see a lot more of Ilona.

She looks young, but she’s a proper age model. It takes a professional to shave a pussy that clean!

Is it something about the idea of really tight holes that is attractive about younger pussys? Notice Ilona has fairly large pussy lips for her weight. The shot above is the best one of her anus. It looks inviting, but not really that ‘tight’.

Finally a shot of her lips hanging down from her small clam.

2 more younger pussys will follow in coming days.

Pussy Triple Threat

You’ll have to check these pussies out in more detail on their sample pages if you want to get deeper into them. Here’s 3 pussys:

First, let’s see those big pussy lips Lacie!

Wow, yes they are huge!

Nice rear pose, legs and feet. But most important is your pussy with meaty lips and little button anus hole.  Check more of her samples for her doing a split with her big lips dangling.

Ok Milana, your turn to wow us with your perfect pussy.

Wow.  Ok, well maybe her anus is not perfect.

WOW! Isn’t there something wrong with her? There must be, look here to see a close up of her so perfectly trimmed pussy.

Now we’ve got Vendi bringing up the rear – pun intended!

She’s pink and pale everywhere but around her anus hole. Need more?

Boom! Now that’s a deep dark anus hole that I’m sure she plays with. Don’t you think?

Speaking of playing with. One more picture for the road of Patricia easing (or jamming?) a banana into her pussy to masturbate.

Enjoy, and thank you for adoring pussys and respecting the beautiful women who are kind enough to share them with us.  Keep sending in your pictures ladies! Thousands of people come to this site every day to see if you’ve posted yours yet. So if you haven’t, please share your gorgeous pussy with us! You know we’ll love you for it.