Edessa’s Lumpy Pussy Lips

Edessa has lips that have a unique lumpiness to them.  They are small and smooth near her clitoris then extend down and protrude out much more, and more prominently, than most lips do.

It is nice to see her anus hole and feet in these sample pictures from MET-ART.

Her lip lumps are very prominent here, as is her anus.

Here we can see her thin happy trail and small clam.

A Salute to the Anus

Butthole, ass, assgina, whatever you call it a woman’s anus deserves a salute!  Each picture below is of a whole set from MET-ART. So click on the pictures to go to more pussy and anus pics!

Nice brown lips Bijou.

Nice feet, anus and pussy.  Thanks Paloma!

Frances has a puckered up anus with a visible hole.  Her pussy seems stretched out and dripping in this picture.  I wonder if both her holes have seen a lot of action?  There’s another shot of her long, stretched out pussy in her set.  Click on her picture above.

Anna AJ has a sculpted and clean cut anus and pussy.

No denying Coralie has spent a lot of time in a tanning salon.  Even her anus is perfectly tan.  Her lips look thin but her vagine hole is visible enough to see how pink her vagina is.

Does Betty have some white in her anus?

Ivetta’s trim job is not complete.  I think she has a hairy anus in this picture.  Makes it look ‘dirty’ if you know what I mean.  The area around her anus is brown too, so that doesn’t help matters.  Still gorgeous though.

Oh Polly!

Those are supposed to be torn stockings, right?  Who cares with an pussy, long lips, and anus like that!

And #10, the hitchhiker Sintima!  Who wouldn’t stop for an anus like this?  Or a pussy like hers?  This is not even the best picture in her sample shoot.  There’s more of her spreading her butt cheeks and exposing her tight anus.  Some where you can follow her happy trail down past her lips and peek inside her pink vagina hole.  These pictures are the reasons to become a MET-ART member and have gazillions more anus and pussy pictures.

We salute you – the beautiful anus.  Maybe it won’t be such an overlooked part of the pussy someday.

Perla’s Open Hole

Perla’s pink, open hole pussy… enough said.

Her brown clam and anus are merely highlights to her bright pink vagina hole.  And thankfully she spreads her pussy open in most of her sample shots.

We can see from this closeup how delicate her vagina hole is.  Also that her anus is being pushed out and pink inside, as all are.  But the area around her anus is brown.  She has a tight perineum too.  All shaved and smooth except for some thin hair around her anus hole.

You don’t see too many perineums this tightly stretched.  Her lips are small and her clam completely covers tham, but her vagina hole just wants to be seen!  This is a pussy to die for.