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FTV Girls are the best at putting things in their pussy! Here are a lot of girls making their vagina eat a banana. It is for the potassium! Starting with Franziska. She rams her little pussy with a long banana.Mia gets a long banana pretty deep into her. I love how clean shaved her clam is. You’ll notice from her last picture how jamming that banana inside her opens her vagina hole so we can see in.Aubrey is so young and cute. I’m surprised to se her stuff a banana up her vagina hole, but I glad she did!And finally Danica stuffing a banana deep into her anus AND vagina hole! She really likes bananas inside her!

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We consider a woman’s anus part of her pussy since some treat their anus hole like a vagina. This girl totally does! Enjoy, or look away.

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Girl Next Door Pussy

Who doesn’t love a girl next door pussy? Plus, we seem to have fixed the picture upload problem for our pussy fans. So please amateurs, post your pussys now! And before you ask, yes, were working on the GIANT PUSSY picture issue (but I’m sure you don’t mind it a huge pussy in your face for the time being ;)

Keep coming back, we’re right here working to bring you sweet pussy. Now, just some good old next door girls and their pussys.

Tied up and presenting her pussy holes. Which to choose. Hmmm…

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Summer is almost over. The weather is getting colder. Pussys are coming indoors. Most importantly, is getting back to posting on the regular. Let’s get started!

Here’s Malena. She’s new at MET-ART so there aren’t a lot of pictures of her pussy, yet. Stay posted for more of her holes.

Let’s get a closer look.

Nice and puffy. Closer still?

Nice long clit hood on her pussy.

Fiona from Fem Joy is a little shy with her pussy, but she’s a beautiful girl.

This is about as much as she spreads her legs. Nice triangle-trimmed pussy hair.

Here we see her anus. It looks brown and delicate.

Irina has a fresh little pussy.

She has a tight, brown, anus. Is that a cumdam? Wow she’s fresh!

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