Reference Pussies

We’re collecting ideal examples of pussy types.  That way if your wondering about a certain characteristic of a new pussy, you can check these pussies for reference.  Click the pussy to go to a page with all the posts tagged with that pussy feature.




Shaved Clean

Outer Labia (Clam)



Large (Puffy)





Inner Labia (Lips)



Large & Thick (Meaty)


Large & Thin (Oyster)




Vagina Hole






Big Clit


Unique Attributes

All Labia Perineum


Large Clit Hood

Creamy Vagina

Brown Anus

Assgina (Gape)



Cum (Creampie)



Random Items


48 thoughts on “Reference Pussies

    • Kathy, Your pussy pictures are really good. Especially the close up second one that is in sharp focus. First off thank you for sending in your pussy so we can help you type it. It looks like you trimmed up your clam, or maybe you shaved it a while back and it is growing back some hair. Either way we see your clam nicely. It is medium and not very puffy. I enjoy the brown color of your clam because it isolates your pussy from your legs nicely. It also frames the pink inside your pussy lips. Your lips are plump but not big. Your clit hood is very pronounced and your clitoris seems a bit aroused in the second picture. Plus I see your vagina is wet. Did you just get finished with something fun when you took this shot?! Your lips come together near your perineum and they get smaller too. If you want, send in more pictures and we can get more detailed. Overall your pussy is medium with enough there to give a good amount of pleasure I’m guessing!
      Thank you for sharing your pussy with us. It is beautiful.

    • Well Mariann, you have thin lips that are fairly long. They have distinctly brown tips on them too. The first picture you posted looks delicately moist. Your lips and vagina open up slightly when you spread your legs. Inside you are very pink and very pretty too! Your clam is not puffy. It looks quite slim. Nice job trimming the hair on your pussy too. I really appreciate the three pictures you posted. You took the time to pose your pussy for a good review and your have a very nice pussy indeed! Thank you!

  1. Originally Posted By Anonymous
    [img] 1 (20-08-2011 03-53).png[/img];

    Schade. Deine Bilder sind völlig unscharf, verrauscht, und farbverfälscht. Da kann man leider nicht richtig etwas erkennen. Das nächste mal bitte Bilder in ordentlicher Qualität. – Too bad. Your pictures are quite blurry, noisy, and distorted colors. Since you can not really see anything, unfortunately. The next time your pictures in decent good quality.

  2. Jennifer E’s & Madman’s Huge pussy lips are really my pot of gold. I love huge pussy inner labias. They are really a mouthful to lick & suck (eat). I love they natural odour that unwashed pussies have. They pussy odour turns me on like crazy!!!

    • Your lips are huge! They should be a reference set for sure. Tell us (or better, show us!) how thick your lips are. Are they thin or puffy if you squeeze them? I’m wondering about your perineum too. It looks like your lips extend down all the way to your anus. Is that true? We will get you into a reference position on the site, but we need more details and ideally more pictures to reference. You are gorgeous Jennifer E!

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  4. Is it possible?
    Can a girl put her heel into her vagina hole? If she bends her leg enough and pulls it in, can it even be done? I’d love to see a picture of that with her lips spread around her heel, like its eating it! Please post if you know, or have a picture of this.

  5. I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time, even contemplated starting a site like this myself. I love what you’ve done here and will be back to review more and hopefully contribute. Awesome idea and site!!!

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