Peeing Pussys

One of the most important biological things that comes from a pussy is pee. But how often do you see a pussy peeing? Pissing, urinating, whatever you call it, everybody pees. Some people like taking ‘golden showers’ which basically means being peed on.  Whatever your level of interest is, here are some pictures of pussys urinating for reference.

You can see the pee squirting out of that little hole in her pussy which is her urethra. The pee then dribbles down her perineum to her anus. Her anus is protruding like she’s straining to squirt her pee out of her.

Another nice closeup of a shaved pussy peeing out its urine. Look at the very thin brown lips on her! Now that you’ve got the picture, some fun pictures of peeing pussys.

Peeing with a tampon in? Coming right at ya!

Speaking of cum, this girl probably just had sex and she’s cleaning her pussy out completely of pee and cum.  Her clit is big, just like it ouwld be after sex. Nice picture of a pussy dripping cum AND pee!

A young pussy outdoors just letting that piss rip out of her! She also has a nice anus and smooth perineum.

And finally, something fresh!

Nice fresh tight pussy just peeing in the shower.

Pussy Type Manual – pt.1, Hair

We get a lot of questions asking what kind of pussy a girl has between her legs.  We love getting them!  So much we thought there is a need for a pussy type manual.  A step-by-step way to type a pussy.  We’ll start from the outside and work in.  We’ll us model’s pussys for now, but ideally we’d use reader’s pussys to make it more ‘real’ for everyone.  Who knows, if everyone thinks the manual is useful, we’ll put it all together for download.  Or maybe even print it!  We’ll see.

For now, if you want your pussy to be in the manual, post it below and if others think its a good example, we’ll put it in for others to look at and decide if it fits their pussy type.  Good?  Then let us start.


Hair grows all around a pussy.  It grows on the clam, around the outside of the lips, and around the anus.

Hairy: A natural amount of hair.

No trimming around any part of the pussy.

This model, Sara B, is gorgeous, and she doesn’t shave any bit of her pussy. This is a hairy blonde pussy.

Trimmed: A pussy that has been shaved to some degree.

Usually a trimmed pussy doesn’t have hair on its clam.  The pussy pillow will most likely have some hair.  Hair may still be around the anus, since it is difficult for a girl to see if all the hair was shaved on that part of her pussy.

The first model, Gisele, has…  The pussy in the middle is from Kami.  Try to take your eyes off her lips long enough to notice the sculpted triangle of hair on her pussy pillow.  Ariel, the last model in this set, has a thin line of hair extending up from her lips.  This is sometimes called a happy trail or landing strip.

Shaved: A pussy with no hair.

Diva, our first shaved pussy model is brown and beautiful with no hair to be seen.  Sofy, in the middle, has a nice close up of her pussy in her gallery. The last shaved pussy belongs to Calla.  She is a fresh girls with an extreme close up of her shaved pussy in her gallery.

If there is hair that was missed during shaving, such as around the anus, it should still be a shaved pussy type.

Hair is one of the few aspects of a pussy that can be controlled.  Some girls pride themselves in having perfectly sculpted pussy hair.  Others like to be natural.  It is also common to have a shaved pussy.  This it pure personal preference.  Some things to consider when choosing whether, or how much to shave you pussy:

  • - Friction is higher with hair on a pussy’s clam.  Hair can easily get pulled into the vagina hole during intercourse or when putting anything into the pussy.  This can sensation is either pleasurable, or uncomfortable.  If sexual intercourse happens often with a man, the friction may become uncomfortable to him over time.
  • - Anus hair is common and many women do not shave it.  Since the hair around a woman’s anus is usually much thinner than other parts of the pussy, it rarely poses a friction issue during anal sex or when putting anything into the anus.
  • - Trimmed and shaved pussys requires routine maintenance to keep it smooth.  A stubbly pussy is rarely comfortable in any regard.
  • - A trimmed or shaved pussy, if the hair is removed from around the lips, will get wetter more quickly than a hairy pussy.  This is because some of the moisture or girlcum is lost by sticking to the hair and eventually evaporating.
  • - A hairy pussy is harder to clean after it gets wet.  Whereas a woman can just wipe the moisture or cum off of a shaved pussy, the material will stick in the hair of a hairy pussy and will likely need additional water, such as in a bath or shower, to get it clean.  Of course, even a shaved pussy should be well cleaned to avoid odors and other unpleasantness.

If you have additional points to add to this part of the manual, post them below.  If you want your pussy to be used in the manual, post it and we’ll take it from there.

How to show off your pussy – Sitting Up

We’ve gotten a few lovely ladies who want to show off their pussy here at  Head to the Amateurs link at the top to see some beautiful pussies. We’ve also gotten a request or two about what type of pussy a girl has, such as Lil’s beautiful, fresh, shaved, open pussy at Q&A.

These are good, but what if you want to show off a GREAT picture of your pussy?  It is beautiful, so here are some poses that maximize your pussy beauty.

If you want to highlight your lips and vagina hole, and downplay your perineum and anus, sit upright and take a picture with your pussy in focus.  Make sure your pussy is in sharp focus!

If we can see your face, you might as well smile!

At least she is spreading her legs and we can see her pink pussy clearly.  Notice we can’t see her perineum or anus at all.  If you are not interested to show your anus then you can sit like this.

We can see her deflated lips and trimmed pubic hair.  This is a fresh pussy with good sized lips.  Again, spread those legs and focus the shot on your pussy like this girl did.

This is a nice picture from a just slightly older woman.  Because she is laying back more we can see her perineum and part of her anus peeking through her butt cheeks.  Very seductive pose and the focus is strongly on her pussy since she has her shirt on.

Now we come to spreading open your pussy.  This is the only way that most girls can give us a view inside their vagina.  This girl below is sitting in a kind of frog pose and pulling up on her pussy to open up her lips a little.  Notice how wet her vagina hole is. This will give a nice view of your perineum and a little of your anus.

Finally, if you want to show your pussy in all its glory while sitting up, you should pull your pussy apart by reaching under your legs and stretching your clam to the side and down just like this girl is.  This will spread your lips and open your vagina hole enough so see in.  It will also stretch your perineum and round out your anus.  This is one of the best pussy poses possible!

So sit up and show off your pussy!

How to Masturbate with a Dildo

If you don’t want to use your hands to masturbate (part 1 ; part 2), or household items, you can go ‘pro’ and get items made specifically to be inserted into your vagina to help you achieve an orgasm.  They can also be used on your anus as you’ll see.

First the non-vibrating dildo.  It is usually a rubber ‘tube’ that is shaped like a penis or has ribs, knobs, or other texture to stimulate your pussy.  There are also glass dildos that give a harder experience.  Probably start with the rubber kinds like this girl is doing.  She’s got her pussy lubricated nicely so the dildo slides in without much friction.

Try different positions like on your knees.

You’ll start producing your own girlcum.  That will help make it glide into your vagina smoothly.

Don’t forget to try your anus if it feels good.

Look at this giant dildo this girl is using.  Look how far she sits back on it.  It goes deep into her vagina.

[flv: 500 400]

Any other tips on masturbating with a dildo?

How to Masturbate with Household Items

You can masturbate with your hands using your fingers in your pussy, and you’ve tried putting your finger in your anus and rubbing your clit. Now you want to put items inside you to see how that feels.  Why not start with what you’ve got around the house?  Here’s some ideas to get you started on getting off.

Before you put anything inside you make sure it is very CLEAN!  You can get nasty infections if you aren’t sure its clean.  That being said, vagina’s are tougher than you’d think.

Classic ‘dildos’ are vegetables.  I recommend having them at room temperature, not right out of the fridge when you put it in you.  Clean that cucumber and start slowly inserting it in your vagina.  You’ll have to lubricate it if you aren’t very wet.  Otherwise it will stick and pull your pussy lips.

Carrots are another common choice.  Both veggies are naturally ribbed so try rotating them in you and pushing them in and out.

Bottles work well too, but you they are usually wide so you’ll have to be used to having your pussy opened up wide.  If you like it, go for it!

With all of these around the house dildos how far you push it inside you and how wide you like to be stretched is personal preference.  Comment if you have other techniques or items that work well in your pussy.  Pictures are always welcome!

Finally, an adventurous girl uses a baseball bat in her.  I think she really likes it.

[flv: 500 400]

What do you like?