Pussy of the Year 2011

Ok, It’s time to vote for you favorite pussy from the beautiful women that submitted pictures of their pussy. Vote on the right and once we have a clear winner, we’ll call it. Here are the pussy entries:

Sophia’s Pussy:

She has a hairy and creamy pussy in these pictures.

Sophia has some dark lips and her pussy is wet, but we can’t see her anus and we don’t get a lot of other views. Still, what a great pussy and a FANTASTIC entry! Thank you Sofia.

Carol sends us one picture of her pussy after ‘receiving a load’ as she puts it. Meaning, she’s dripping cum from sex.

This is a truly huge picture. You can zoom right into a single hair on her pussy if you want to. Notice all the soft folds of her vagina lips. The pink softness of her pink perineum. And the pool of cum dripping down her pussy, past her anus hole, onto the bed sheet. A truly erotic picture for a serious entry for Pussy of the Year.

Katie Chen is one of our youngest pussy entries. She is obviously Asian with a fresh pussy.

Too bad we can’t see her face. Notice her small pussy lips and grey looking anus.

Hers is a tight looking, young pussy.

Madeline also gives us just one picture. One picture entries are a little suspicious. Is it authentic? Perhaps. Regardless, Madeline is a gorgeous young woman with a wonderfully perky pussy that looks a little wet between her lips.

Finally comes Dee. Dee has sent a lot of pictures, and she even responded to requests for poses! She deserves some extra attention if for nothing more than to really explore her beautiful pussy and see if we can really type it.

She’s spreading her clam apart a little for us in this picture.

With a closer look in the picture below, we can see that she has a medium to small clam. There are some subtle folds in her clam hinting at being deflated, but it is not. It looks very soft. Her pussy lips are pink and also soft looking in this picture. Her perineum looks smooth, but short. Probably because of the skin around her anus. Her anus skin is very wrinkled and slightly brown. Overall, this is an amazing picture in many ways.

Here she’s pulling her panties out of her pussy. We can see her big anus ring here as well.

Here she’s sitting on a vibrator. We don’t know how long that vibrator is, but I imagine her pussy can handle a long one.

Here she just got cummed on her pretty pussy. We see it dripping down her perineum and probably onto the floor. Notice her pussy lips look a little more deflated in this picture.

Finally, one of my favorite pictures from Dee’s pussy. She’s sitting back and showing us her wet pussy. We can see her perineum and a very little of her anus. Great pussy Dee. Great pussy.

So, vote for your favorite pussy!

Pussy of the Year 2011

POTY11 is here! Never heard of it? That’s because it is brand new. It is simple. If you are an amateur and want to have your pussy voted as the best pussy of 2011 just post it here. The best pussy will be voted on at the end of the year. If you want to really make an impression on the thousands of viewers here at pussytypes.org then consider submitting pictures that show:

  • Your pussy from the front – standing up or laying on your back
  • Your pussy from the back – on your knees or laying on your belly
  • Your pussy spread – pull your lips apart to show inside your vagina hole
  • Something unique – for example, fingers in your pussy, a vibrator or a vegetable in your pussy, a unique pose, cum in your pussy, your pussy spread with a speculum, etc.

Good luck! The winner will be announced in January 2012 and will be highlighted throughout the website as the greatest pussy of the year! Show us your gorgeous pussy and you could be the best of the best.

Amazing and LONG Masturbating Pussy Video

To thank all of our loyal fans. To encourage more women to experiment with their wonderful pussies. To show it is beautiful to see a woman masturbate. We give you a drop dead gorgeous girl who takes her fresh pussy, and anus,on a crazy ride!

[flv:http://pussytypes.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/long_masturbation_dildo_anal_plug_teen.flv 500 400]

We can use more videos ladies!

Happy Easter!

We’ve got some exciting news.. Coming soon.  Here’s a sneak peek at our new pussy models. Nice bunny don’t you think? Nice pussy Danielle!!

Let’s take a closer look. I see a shaved clean pussy.

Her clam cannot contain her lips, but they are not big lips either. Her clam is medium to large. Her anus is a light brown color.

Here she’s putting a fun dildo in her anus with rabbit tail tuft on it!  We can see her perineum is wrinkled in this shot.

She must have inserted that ‘butt plug’ dildo all the way in. And I think she likes it from the smile on her face!

See more of Danielle here.

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