Let’s Get Some More Amateur Pussy!

Let’s do some pussy typing people! Here’s some amateurs showing off their pussy to get things rolling. These pictures came from gfspass.com by the way.A young teen with a shaved pussy is a good place to start! She has an average sized clam and possibly small pussy lips. It looks like she has a very long clit hood that could be covering a lot of her lips. Nice pink color and a little glimpse of her anus. Very cute.

This pussy looks like it is on its period. We don’t see a lot of period pussy pictures. Maybe because the sight of blood is off putting to people. It shouldn’t be though. Having a period and expelling the old uterus walls is how a woman’s vagina works! And we should all be very thankful that it does work. Congratulations for being brave and showing a picture of your beautiful pussy having its period. I like how we can see into her vagina hole a little and the blood inside her. I also like this pose a lot. Sitting her butt on her feet shows a little of her anus and perineum. The fact that she’s pulling up on her clit helps to open her pussy up a little more for us to see below her lips. A wonderful amateur picture!!

Now here’s a thick pussy! Her pussy lips are meaty and full. I like the brown coloring of them too. They nicely ‘frame’ the pink inside of her vagina hole.

Not much to say about her pussy, other than its shaved on the lips and has a landing strip of hair. It’s the picture of her blindfolded that is enticing!

Some people like to be tied up and bound for sex. This girl is clearly tied to expose her anus for entry. I’m sure vaginal sex is possible in this position too. It is hard to tell how young she is from this picture but according to the site it came from no girl is underage. So, it’s safe to assume she did a good job of shaving her pussy clean, rather than her being too young to grow hair on her pussy. We don’t exploit underage pussy here!

Just a regular asian pussy here. Asian’s usually have kinky curly hair on their pussy clam like she does. She did shave her pussy below her clit so we can see her clam and pussy lips better. It looks like she is wet between her lips. Or maybe she just had sex and her vagina is dripping cum. Who knows, but it’s a wonderful shot of her fresh and ready pussy!

A fun handstand from this naked teen shows how much fun it can be to show off your pussy! I really like her landing strip haircut and her closed up clam.

These pictures came from gfspass.com. They were not submitted by the pussytypes community. So send your pussy in! Just reply to this post and we’ll make it a link to the Amateurs page later.

Licking Pussy

Let’s Lick Pussy!

The survey says you like to lick pussy, so let’s! Look at her tongue on those shaved lips! Her finger in her vagina hole. This is one of the best lesbian pussy licking pictures there is.

Who doesn’t like to eat out a pussy? Nobody!

Pussy of the Year 2011

Ok, It’s time to vote for you favorite pussy from the beautiful women that submitted pictures of their pussy. Vote on the right and once we have a clear winner, we’ll call it. Here are the pussy entries:

Sophia’s Pussy:

She has a hairy and creamy pussy in these pictures.

Sophia has some dark lips and her pussy is wet, but we can’t see her anus and we don’t get a lot of other views. Still, what a great pussy and a FANTASTIC entry! Thank you Sofia.

Carol sends us one picture of her pussy after ‘receiving a load’ as she puts it. Meaning, she’s dripping cum from sex.

This is a truly huge picture. You can zoom right into a single hair on her pussy if you want to. Notice all the soft folds of her vagina lips. The pink softness of her pink perineum. And the pool of cum dripping down her pussy, past her anus hole, onto the bed sheet. A truly erotic picture for a serious entry for Pussy of the Year.

Katie Chen is one of our youngest pussy entries. She is obviously Asian with a fresh pussy.

Too bad we can’t see her face. Notice her small pussy lips and grey looking anus.

Hers is a tight looking, young pussy.

Madeline also gives us just one picture. One picture entries are a little suspicious. Is it authentic? Perhaps. Regardless, Madeline is a gorgeous young woman with a wonderfully perky pussy that looks a little wet between her lips.

Finally comes Dee. Dee has sent a lot of pictures, and she even responded to requests for poses! She deserves some extra attention if for nothing more than to really explore her beautiful pussy and see if we can really type it.

She’s spreading her clam apart a little for us in this picture.

With a closer look in the picture below, we can see that she has a medium to small clam. There are some subtle folds in her clam hinting at being deflated, but it is not. It looks very soft. Her pussy lips are pink and also soft looking in this picture. Her perineum looks smooth, but short. Probably because of the skin around her anus. Her anus skin is very wrinkled and slightly brown. Overall, this is an amazing picture in many ways.

Here she’s pulling her panties out of her pussy. We can see her big anus ring here as well.

Here she’s sitting on a vibrator. We don’t know how long that vibrator is, but I imagine her pussy can handle a long one.

Here she just got cummed on her pretty pussy. We see it dripping down her perineum and probably onto the floor. Notice her pussy lips look a little more deflated in this picture.

Finally, one of my favorite pictures from Dee’s pussy. She’s sitting back and showing us her wet pussy. We can see her perineum and a very little of her anus. Great pussy Dee. Great pussy.

So, vote for your favorite pussy!

Tender Pussys

These are some delicious looking pussys.

Before we get to the models, have you seen Dee’s gorgeous pussy yet? Let’s start with a delicious picture of her wet pussy.

Look at her deflated clam and perineum lip. Notice how moist and smooth her lips are. Who wouldn’t want their mouth on that?! Maybe if we are nice she will send in more beautiful pussy pictures.

Now, from MPL Studios we have a very tender pussy from Sarah:

Or Maya’s pussy with the dark brown tips on her pussy lips.

Maybe the most tender is Alisa’s pussy:

Look at how soft and moist her vagina hole is when she spreads it. Notice how white her vagina hole is.

Her pussy is begging to be eaten!

Amateur ramming her anus

You might like this if you are into a woman’s anus. If not, you might want to move to another post.

We consider a woman’s anus part of her pussy since some treat their anus hole like a vagina. This girl totally does! Enjoy, or look away.

She’s getting started, opening up her anus hole. Nice vagina pussy too!

Moving up to a shampoo bottle! Some cream as lubricant to slide it in. It looks like a good sized bottle.

She’s really got it deep into her anus here. She must really like how it feels to push it that far up her anus hole.

Now she’s stretched her anus wide and we can see some poo in her. Hey, that’s were it is.

Now she’s fingering her anus but its spread so wide it isn’t tight on her finger. Nice anus hole girl!