Pussy Names

Is there another name you have for a…

Pussy that you use instead of, well, pussy? If so, add it as a comment and we’ll make a list of the most popular, plus obscure names for a pussy.  Here are a few to get you started:

  • Cooter
  • Snatch
  • Va jay jay
  • Beaver

Nobody Poses a Pussy Like FemJoy

FemJoy is a real, well, Joy! The photographers really know how to highlight a girl’s pussy. If you aren’t a member, join and you will get more pussy pictures in greater detail.  Here’s a sample from some shoots.  Enjoy!

Danica has two shoots highlighted here(1st & 2nd).  She is drop dead gorgeous and her pussy is a work of art!

From her first shoot, there’s something sexy about this pose. We can see her small clam and small lips peeking out under her dress.

Dirty feet! Danica, your feet are the same color as the skin around your anus! Brown. What a great spread pussy in this picture.

And even closer. Her clam is not quite big enough to cover her lips even though her lips are small.

Here’s some pictures from her shoot with a violin. Nice pussy Danica!





Now for Verona’s pussy from FemJoy. What a pose!

She’s not shy about spreading her pussy apart for us. Look how pink her pussy is.

She has a round little anus and small clam.

Here’s a really close picture. We see just a little of brown skin near the tip of her lips. Inside she is super pink.

Finally, Edessa bends in ways that show off her pussy and only FemJoy could make it look so good.

Small clam and brown lips.

Spreading like this takes a lot of flexibility. There is a lot more of Edessa to see.

See Edessa’s pussy up close at FemJoy.

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Irina’s wet pussy is pink to white on the inside:

From inside her vagina hole moving out to her clam her skin gets darker and darker.  Look at her dark anus!

Nice think lips and clam too. Gorgeous!

Viva, did you oil up your pussy for us? Or is your pussy naturally that wet?

The bottom of her lips is glistening in this picture. Below you moist white girlcum between her lips, inside her vagina hole.  At the bottom of her lips, near her perineum there is more moisture and white “pussy juice.”

Even her anus hole is wet!

Mirelle is a bigger girl with a really juicy wet pussy.

Her anus is nothing special, her pussy is kind of hairy, and she’d very plump. But what a set of lips! Lets get a closer look at that creamy vagina hole of hers.

Her pussy is so creamy it almost looks like she is producing milk from her vagina hole. The skin inside her looks so delicate and soft. I don’t know if it is because she has some meat on her bones, but her pussy looks more inviting than a lot of skinny girl’s.

One final shot that shows the meaty layers of her pussy that get whiter and creamier as you go into her vagina hole.  She looks so innocent, but I hope she envoys her wet hole as much as we appreciate looking at it! You should join MET-ART to see more of her wet hole in greater detail.

Love and Respect a Woman’s Pussy

We respect women’s pussys here at pussy.org. We look at them, adore them, want to learn more about them. But it is important to treat women and their pussys with respect no matter how excited they make us. Most importantly, no woman’s pussy under the age of 18 is allowed to be posted on this site. Help stop underage pornography by respecting a WOMAN’S pussy!

Enjoy this woman’s 18 year old+ pussy as she rubs it and puts her fingers into her vagina hole to masturbate.
[flv:http://pussytypes.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/pussy_masturbatine_with_fingers_from_rear.flv 500 400]