How to Masturbate with Household Items

You can masturbate with your hands using your fingers in your pussy, and you’ve tried putting your finger in your anus and rubbing your clit. Now you want to put items inside you to see how that feels.  Why not start with what you’ve got around the house?  Here’s some ideas to get you started on getting off.

Before you put anything inside you make sure it is very CLEAN!  You can get nasty infections if you aren’t sure its clean.  That being said, vagina’s are tougher than you’d think.

Classic ‘dildos’ are vegetables.  I recommend having them at room temperature, not right out of the fridge when you put it in you.  Clean that cucumber and start slowly inserting it in your vagina.  You’ll have to lubricate it if you aren’t very wet.  Otherwise it will stick and pull your pussy lips.

Carrots are another common choice.  Both veggies are naturally ribbed so try rotating them in you and pushing them in and out.

Bottles work well too, but you they are usually wide so you’ll have to be used to having your pussy opened up wide.  If you like it, go for it!

With all of these around the house dildos how far you push it inside you and how wide you like to be stretched is personal preference.  Comment if you have other techniques or items that work well in your pussy.  Pictures are always welcome!

Finally, an adventurous girl uses a baseball bat in her.  I think she really likes it.

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