How to Masturbate With Your Hands – Part 2

So you’ve seen part 1 of how to masturbate with you hands and you want more.  Ok, have you tried putting a finger up your anus?  A lot of girls like the feeling they get when something is in their anus, but often anal sex is too painful.  Your finger is usually the right size to help get you off.

Again, make sure your finger can slide in to your anus easily.  Just like putting your fingers in your vagina hole, or rubbing your clit, you want it slippery so it doesn’t hurt.  The easiest thing is put the finger you are going to have in your back door in your vagina first to get it wet.  Girlcum is a great lubricant for fingering your anus.

Here’s a start.  Get your finger up your anus and see how it feels.  Start with your pinky finger if it feels too tight.  Start out slowly and let your muscles get used to the sensation.  Find a good position that makes it comfortable to reach your anus.  Try kneeling or laying on your back.  You can also just try rubbing your anus hole and perineum and not going into your anus if it is more comfortable to begin with, like this girl is doing.

Some girls can have an orgasm just by fingering their anus, but that’s more advanced.  You want to rub your clit and/or in your vagina along with your anus, like this girl.  She is using her thumb to rub her clit and her middle finger is in her anus.

This girls is using two hands to get off.

It depends on whether rubbing your clit or inside your vagina gets you more excited which to do.  Here are pictures of girls who need both holes filled to masturbate.  Too bad the picture is a little fuzzy, sorry, send a better one if you have it.

This girls is coming around the side of her body and filling both her vagina and anus with one hand – like she’s holding a bowling ball, but its her pussy she’s holding!  This spreads your perineum taught and some girls like the feeling of being spread apart.

You can see she’s lubed her anus up well since it is dripping down her perineum.  This feels really great because you can rub your fingers together on the skin that separates your vagina and anus.  Plus your perineum is sensitive and pressure on it will help you cum.

Next we’ll look at masturbating with equipment – vibrators, toys and household items you can use to get off.

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