How to Masturbate With Your Hands – Part 1

Probably a no-brainer for most, but I know some have trouble getting to an orgasm.  Well, here’s some info on masturbating with your hands and fingers only.  Feel free to add your comments below.

Get your fingers in your vagina and rubbing inside and up past your lips to your clit.  Repeat.

Make sure your pussy is wet so your fingers slide in easily.  Otherwise it could hurt.

If it isn’t feeling like much inside, put two or more fingers in your vagina.

Really explore your pussy.  See where it feels best to touch and rub.  Is it near your perineum?

Or your clit?

Rub other parts of your body that get you hot and bothered, like your breasts.

Or squeeze hard!

Finally, here’s a video of a girl masturbating so you can see how she rubs her pussy.

[flv: 500 400]

Next we’ll look at how putting your finger in your anus helps you to masturbate with you hands.

11 thoughts on “How to Masturbate With Your Hands – Part 1

  1. The hands-free method is called e-stim. It’s a device that delivers a tiny (or not so tiny) electrocution to your genitals to achieve orgasm.

    FUN for a girl or boy…FUN for a girl or boy!

  2. Watching this has made me feel better. I used to come more easily but had a surgery that makes it take longer so am looking for information to speed it up. Very hot site.

    • Sorry Tony, this isn’t a place to try and hook up. No requests for contacting are allowed here.

  3. [img][/img]
    Good tips, but I have to get my g-spot before I can cum. Anything else is just gravy.

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