Dominika = Huge Lips!

Dominika, oh Dominika! You have some of the biggest pussy lips around!  Big and brown they could swallow up anything that comes near them.

They hang soooooo far down from your clam!

Do they even fit in your panties?

They are very thick, as well as long.

Your lips are amazing… and a little scary!

22 thoughts on “Dominika = Huge Lips!

  1. @kjl – Lol you just don’t no how to handle pussy dickhead, look at her she is so sexy, you wouldn’t get someone like her an u moan about her pussy looking like a cock, lol u would no homo u obviously love looking at cock more than pussy

  2. OH DOMINIKA! Wow what a gorgeous pair of pussy lips just begging for me to suck on them and consume your thick pussy! Ignore all the lip haters out there and relish all the lip love cumming from all us huge pussy lip worshippers. I wish I could find a pair like these in the Dallas area! I’m in love with your pussy!!!

  3. OMG! I would love to worship thick pussies like these for hours with my tongue! Absolute perfection!!!!!!

  4. My girlfriends pussy IS very similar with very large labia. It’s incredible. At first she was a little insecure about the size but once she saw how much I appreciated her big juicy lips she enjoys her superiority over average pussies. There is no better pussy than one with very large, suckable lips. More pictures like this are always welcome over ‘plain jane run of the mill’ typical everyday lips.

  5. If you hate pussies like this you are clearly what is known as a GAY and have no business commenting on female genitalia.Personally I would love to suck on Dominika’s massive lips and feel them tickle my tonsils mmmmmmmmxx

  6. Hhhmmmm look at those lips. These lips are made for licking and sucking, I could lick and suck this pussy every chance I could get.

  7. Dominika has the most luscious pussy lips in the world. I wish I had a girl who had a lab like this, it’s a real turn on. And look at those nipples!!! She’s also very cute, she’s a complete package this girl is. I could eat her pussy all day long!!

  8. Glad to see this getting some comments… I ran across Dominika again today and I love her pussy. Here’s another view.

  9. Dawn, rest assured there are plenty of us males who love large labia minora. I just wish I’d had the pleasure to experience such a beautiful pussy.

  10. Dude you are a dick, in fact, you must want a dick because that is clearly a phat and yummy looking pussy. You lame ass may not know what pussy look like if it was in your face close up to your nose….loser.@Scott -

  11. I love Dominika’s kind pussies! It’s turning me on fast. Anyway the first is the woman, the shape of the pussy is secondary.

  12. Just browsing around, found this chick with similar lips… I love this!


  13. dominika’s vagina is the best pussy i had no idea such sort of girl would have this kind of pussy shes very pretty too

  14. I personally love big lips like this… she is beautiful. I wonder does she have trouble having sex, do they get “caught” on the guys cock. I know I would love to suck on those things!

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