Cummed Pussys

Some great amateur shots of pussys covered or dripping cum.  Really wonderful to see a happy pussy after sex!

Cumming on her anus. Nice shaved plump clam.

This one is dripping cum.  Trimmed up clam and small lips on this pussy.

She’s got cum all over her! Another puffy clam pussy.

Bubbling out and getting her panties wet.  Very hot indeed!

She’s gushing cum from her big lips!  Nice light brown anus too.

Here’s cum dripping from an anus. Totally shaved pussy.

Looks like a cummed on pussy. Shaved, small clam and big lips.

One last pussy on a brown girl dripping cum down to her anus.  Dark brown lips, hairy pussy, pink vagina hole.

These are beautiful pictures most girls never see yet their pussy drips cum any time they have sex without a condom.  That’s a lot of times for a lot of women!  Others will agree, this is beautiful.

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  2. @Every Woman – With that kind of attitude, one can’t help but wonder how you managed to get on this site…??? Looking up “pussy” online doesn’t quite fit your apparent “profile”.
    (I’m sure this comment is falling on “absent” ears, but just in case….)

  3. Here here! You don’t speak for me or my pussy! Here’s what she has to say about your closed mind:

  4. Well, you are not every woman, and you don’t speak for me. I love this site. I love getting fucked and I love getting filled with cum. So, too bad for you because here’s my pussy dripping cum!
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  5. @Every Woman – We’re not TRYING to fool anyone NOT “every women”! We love pussy and this site is ours. Don’t cum back if you don’t like it, and please don’t leave anymore notes for us to laugh at…:o)

  6. I think this site is gross because there is cum splattered all over women. You refer to a woman’s ‘pussy’ instead of her. You aren’t fooling anyone. You are male chauvinist pigs!

    • Sorry you feel that way, but you are wrong to think ‘We are male chauvinist pigs’. We try to show the beauty and fun in women’s pussys. We also have a very hard line on following the law. If you feel that something, anything, on this site is illegal in any way, please post what and why and we will take it very seriously! Otherwise, please try to enjoy this site, and enjoy your pussy. I’m sure yours is beautiful.

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