Between Her Legs

Danica is a frequent model at FemJoy. Here she’s in a shoot called ‘Between Her Legs.’

Pussy: She shows us a little of her pussy, but we can’t see much of her vagina. All we can see of her anus is that it is dark. Her trimmed hair is a bit much. It would be better completely shaved. But since we can’t see much of her pussy, even though this shoot is supposed to be ‘Between Her Legs’ I’m only slightly disappointed. She’s still one of my personal favorites. She has a lot of other pictures in this shoot you should check out. Don’t miss the picture of her touching her breasts, or the picture of her foot near her pussy.


3 thoughts on “Between Her Legs

  1. This pictures are best. But i miss some pussy closeups like “Pussy Portrait”. ;)

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